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It’s been over seven months since Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey got married.

At the time, their wedding was a big deal, as even by Duggar standards, these two were very young to be making such a major life decision together.

Claire was 19, and Justin had very recently turned 18 when the two of them tied the knot.

Duggars tend to marry young, but most of them at least enter their twenties first.

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Justin was engaged before he even became a legal adult.

Now, Justin and Claire have taken another leap forward together, and this time, the decision is being scrutinized for very different reasons.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, the couple has bought a house together.

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No great surprise there, as the Duggars believe that procreation is a woman’s sole reason for being, and it’s hard to raise a family of 15 in an apartment.

But the purchase raises a number of questions, several of which serve as reminders that the Duggars lie to the public constantly.

For starters, neither Justin nor Claire has a job, which for most young couples, would serve as a major obstacle to buying a home.

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Granted, the Duggars aren’t forced to begin their adult lives buried under a pile of student loan debt, as their education consists of reading the Bible passages that Jim Bob deems important, and then replacing the radiator on a 1998 Toyota Corolla.

But as anyone who’s ever bought a house can tell you, lenders generally want to see some proof of income … which Justin and Claire don’t have.

So the money from their first home almost certainly came from Jim Bob, which is interesting for a number of reasons.

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The place is tiny — just 737 square feet — and it looks to be a real-fixer upper.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the house is also located in Fort Worth, Texas — more than 350 miles from where Justin was raised in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Under normal circumstances, Jim Bob would not purchase a home for one of his kids in a different state.

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But these aren’t normal circumstances.

As you’re no doubt aware Josh Duggar is awaiting trial on child pornography charges.

If convicted, he faces 40 years behind bars.

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For obvious reasons, the effect on the family business empire has been profound.

Counting On was canceled shortly after Josh’s arrest, and all of Jim Bob’s side-ventures are likely to suffer as well.

As a result, he might be encouraging his sons to put down roots somewhere new, and since Claire’s family lives near Fort Worth, this might have been viewed as the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

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And as we’ve discussed a great deal over the past few months, shady Duggar real estate deals have been a frequent occurrence lately.

Property has been exchanging hands for suspiciously small sums, as Jim Bob attempts to hide assets and generally throw Uncle Sam off his trail.

He’s not facing any charges himself (yet), but he’s probably aware that he’ll be under greater government scrutiny than ever in the years to come.

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So yeah, Justin and Claire have a new house.

But they didn’t pay for it, and it was purchased under appalling circumstances.

So … congratulations, we guess.