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Attention, The Hollywood Gossip readers: The rumors have, at last, become reality.

The secret, finally, has been exposed. The truth, once and for all, has come out.

Jeremiah Duggar really is courting Hannah Wissmann, you guys!

We repeat, this is not a drill!

Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar

Going all the way back to February of this year, speculation began to circulate regarding the 22-year-old son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and his rumored paramour.

We kept hearing about a secret girlfriend this and a secret girlfriend that.

By August, we learned that the woman Jeremiah is allegedly dating is named Hannah Wissmann — and then we learned the pair might already be engaged.

And now?

Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar

We have actual photos of Hannah Wissmann, along with confirmation from Duggar himself that he is, indeed, in a relationship.

"Never been so happy. Never felt so blessed!" wrote Jeremiah as a caption to these new, cozy and romantic photos.

"Getting to know each other has been one of the greatest joys of our lives!"

Photo via TLC

"We are excited to start sharing our story with all of you and to see what God has in store for our future," he added.

"#mygirlfriend @hannahwissmann."

Wissmann echoed this sentiment, sharing the same pictures and including with them the same exact caption.

Photo via TLC

At the end, she simply tagged Jeremiah instead of herself and used the hashtag #myboyfriend.

So there you go.

Doesn’t get much more official than that, does it?

Jeremiah Duggar on Counting On

Carlin Bates responded to the social media updates with the simple words “Love you two," while readers assume an engagement must be in the couple’s near future.

That is, typically, the way members of the Duggar family role.

They announce a courting one month, a proposal the following month and the arrival of a baby about nine months or so after the wedding.

Jeremiah Duggar in the Cold
Photo via Instagram

The clock is therefore ticking for Jeremiah and Hannah.

The Duggars, as you very likely know by now, follow VERY strict rules that govern male-female interactions.

In addition to saving their first kiss for their wedding day, these sons and daughters generally refrain from physical contact any more intimate than a short side-hug before marriage.

Jed Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar
Photo via Instagram

A few fortunate engaged couples out there agree to hold hands. As for Hannah Wissmann?

She is one of 13 children and comes from her own Christian fundamentalist family.

One of her 12 siblings is a name you may even be familiar with here on this website.

Photo via Instagram

Her brother, Stephen Wissmann (above), is said to be courting none other than Jeremiah’s sister Jana Duggar, although there has been talk of late that the couple split up … if they were even together at all.

It’s all very strange. But in any event, the family also has its own website, which includes biographies of every member.

Of Hannah, the bio reads:

Photo via Instagram

Our energetic, social butterfly, Hannah is a skilled and creative young woman. She loves spending time in the kitchen — trying new recipes and creating culinary masterpieces.

Our home also greatly benefits from her interest in interior design and seasonal decor.

She is one of our lead vocalists and skillfully adds her fiddle to our musical selections.

Photo via Instagram

Jeremiah, meanwhile, has a twin brother named Justin… who got engaged last year to Claire Spivey and then got married two months later.

“God brought Claire [into] my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her,” Justin said.

They were not even 20 years old at the time.

Photo via Instagram

Spivey then added how their families had known each other for nearly two decades, which is why most folks think Jim Bob arranged this union.

“I’m really looking forward to the memories to come spent with him,” Claire said a short while ago.

“I’m excited to see what the Lord holds for us in the near future.”

Justin and Claire Are Married
Photo via Instagram

In conclusion, get ready for a lot of babies being born in the ’20s.

Like, a lot.