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Britney Spears has happier things on her mind than just all of the ways that her family wronged her.

She wants justice, of course. But she also wants her happily ever after.

Britney deserves both.

And when it comes to wedded bliss with fiance Sam Asghari, Britney has a very specific vision.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in August 2021

Obviously, that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari plan to wed isn’t speculation.

It was obvious for many years. Britney spoke about not having the freedom to marry or have kids in court in June.

Now that they’re engaged, it’s thoroughly public knowledge.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Engaged

An inside source spoke to HollywoodLife about Britney’s plans to marry Sam.

First of all, she is not particularly concerned about the price tag that the venue and ceremony will bring.

Secondly, Britney definitely wants a venue and the ceremony — the works — for her special day.

Britney and Fiance

“Britney really wants a traditional romantic wedding," the insider described.

"She wants all of their family and loved ones there," the source added without getting specific.

"And," the insider continued, "she does not care about costs."

Britney and Sam on the Trail

The source explained that Britney won’t hold back on the ceremony "because this has been her dream her whole life."

“She was married once before," the insider noted, in reference to her marriage to Kevin Federline.

Kevin, of course, is the father of her wonderful teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

"But," the source continued, "she really feels like her wedding to K-Fed was more of super expensive house party."

Admittedly, the insider continued, she felt that it was a house party "with rings and cake that she had to buy."

So not a traditional wedding in the sense of what Britney wanted.

Sam Asghari Gives Britney Spears a Birthday Kiss

Hold on … married once before? We distinctly remember another time.

"She doesn’t even count her Las Vegas wedding to Jason Alexander," the source explained.

Well, she wasn’t even married to him for three days, so one can understand that.

Sam Asghari

According to the insider: "She wants bridesmaids and a beautiful gown."

Not everyone wants a traditional ceremony — or a ceremony at all, beyond what might be required by local laws.

But Britney deserves whatever kind of wedding she wants when she married the love of her life.

Britney and Sam on Vacation

We should keep in mind that she and Sam have already been together for five years.

That is longer than her marriage to Kevin Federline ever was.

(Not that it means anything, but she’s technically been with Sam for longer than both of her marriages combined)

Britney Spears Kisses Sam

Britney would have married Sam years ago, and he would have married her.

But she has been under a conservatorship largely controlled by her father for almost 14 years. She was forbidden from marrying.

Disabled communities and advocates have been reminding us all for years that disabled Americans still don’t have marriage equality.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Red

Britney is still under a conservatorship, but Jamie Spears was suspended from his erstwhile role as conservator.

The new conservator of her estate is a qualified CPA, requested by Britney and her attorney.

It’s not a perfect situation, but it is such a vital step in freeing her from the control of her awful father.