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We have all known for months that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are over.

They haven’t confirmed it, but the writing’s on the wall … with zero effort to scrub it off.

Either they’re getting a divorce, or they’ve both spent all year ignoring all reports and also forgetting their rings.

But Tori is ready to discuss one thing: this is hard. Some days are more emotional than others.

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes

Tori Spelling took to her Instagram to share a simple message about how she enjoys being styled.

"Home is where the heart is… or the gold flakes. Missing my bestie girlies today," she wrote while wearing gold flakes.

Tori’s caption continued: "@laurarugetti @makeupbyhaileyhoff {don’t forget about me!}."

Her makeup artist, Hailey Hoff, was one of those tagged.

She replied with a comment, writing: "Never. We love you!"

"I miss you! I’m feeling emotional today," Tori confessed in response. "Wish I could hug you."

It is more than understandable that Tori is feeling emotional right now.

While there are any number of causes for someone to feel overwhelmed by their emotions, one cause comes to mind.

Her marriage to Dean McDermott is over and has been over — albeit not publicly or in paperwork — for months.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott in 2019

We’ll get to the collapse of their marriage in a moment.

First, we should address another topic that came up in Tori’s post.

Specifically … she just looks different.

As you can see in the screenshot that we included above, some commenters ignored her caption and reacted to Tori’s appearance.

"Khloe," some wrote.

Recently, Tori appears to have undergone something of a Khloefication.

By that, we mean that she has tuned her look in a way that reminds many of Khloe Kardashian.

In fact, a number of comments surrounded Tori’s new look, with some loudly discouraging her from using fillers.

Not everyone sees the Khloe parallel, but a lot of people have noticed. It’s difficult to miss, honestly.

Tori Spelling with Snooki

Yeah, it’s pretty conspicuous.

Some have speculated that it’s a deliberate attempt to revamp her look now that she’s, well, semi-single.

Semi-single, we say, because officially and in terms of legal records, she’s not actually divorced yet.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Together

Reports say that Dean and Tori have been over for most of the year.

Apparently, Dean was working in Canada and returned home pretty ready to end things.

According to reports, that readiness only increased when he saw bills that needed to be paid.

Tori Spelling Promotes BH90210

Just like cheating, financial struggles are a familiar struggle for Tori and Dean’s story.

In this case, however, the contentious expenses were related to the family’s many pets.

This was apparently a point of disagreement for the couple — the expense of many children only magnified when Tori adopted many pets.

Tori Spelling Poses

Obviously, we’re sure that there’s much more to it than we are all hearing.

Tori did confirm many months ago that she and Dean were no longer sharing a bed.

Additionally, it has been even longer since either of them were seen with their wedding bands.

But the same financial struggles that detracted from their erstwhile wedded bliss are also interfering with their divorce.

Divorce costs money. Not just attorneys — moving out and finding your own place is often prerequisite.

When you’re too broke to divorce or even separate, you end up stuck together. Awkwardness ensues.