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As you very likely know at thhis point, Amy Duggar always says what’s on her mind.

The outspoken niece of Jim Bob Duggar has never been afraid to call out members of her polarizing family, especially over the past few weeks and months.

Now, however, Amy has made something else abudantly clear to anyone who follows her on social media:

She’s proud of her mind AND her body!

Amy Duggar in a Bathing Suit
Photo via Instagram

Over the weekend, Amy shared a couple photos of herself, her husband Dillon King and the couple’s young son, Daxton.

The loved ones appear to have taken a vacation to someplace warm a bit tropical, with Duggar posting snapshots and videos of their time together on the beach.

As you can tell above and below, this time was spent with Amy in a bathing suit.

We can see her arms. We can see her legs. We can even see a little bit of cleavage.

And, look, we’re not judging Amy Duggar here. Not in any way, shape or form.

We’re merely pointing out her (not even all that) risque attire because he flies directly in the face of how her uncle has raised his children.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar literally ordered their daughters to wear long dresses at all times; it’s actual news these days when a Duggar woman wears pants.

Amy, conversely, just goes around in a two-piece bathing suit and essentially taunts her overly conservative family every chance she gets — and we are so here for it!

Amy Duggar Wears a Bikini

Amy Duggar previously shrugged off her admitted estrangement from Jim Bob and most of her cousins, wishing these relatives the best and happily living her life away from the spotlight.

But then Josh Duggar got arrested on disgusting charges of child pornography possession and Amy has been unable to hold back ever since.

She has slammed Josh as an evil monster.

And she’s trashed the Duggars as toxic people with whom she can no longer hang around.

Amy Duggar from a Car
Photo via Instagram

Last week, meanwhile, Amy shut down rumors that she’s pregnant after arousing suspicion while wearing a loose maxidress.

"I see how people could and would automatically think I’m pregnant bc I did grab the lower part of my dress," the mother of one responded to such personal and inappropriate speculation.

"But that’s just because my dress got stuck in my heels!

"But I’m not pregnant and we aren’t actively trying.

A Amy Duggar Selfie Shot
Photo via Instagram

Concluded Amy on this topic:

"Pregnancy, and then breastfeeding for almost 2 years and vertigo for 8 months, and then all the covid shut down and stress for 3130 was ALOT."

"And that’s ok to admit. Good thing God gave me some thick skin.

"These comments. Wow."