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The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge can be a little shady from time to time.

Even so, she also keeps it real with fans, giving them an inside look at her life even when cameras aren’t rolling.

Tamra recently underwent surgery on her breasts — far from the first time.

She had her implants removed, and is already feeling so, so much better.

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This is the second time that the 53-year-old RHOC alum has removed her breast implants.

Early this week, she gave fans a look at her post-op recovery.

Her chest is covered in bandages and drain bags.

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"Implants & capsules removed," Tamra announced on Tuesday, July 20.

"Feeling tired & a little sore as expected," she described.

Tamra predicted: "I’m pretty sure Not working out will be the hardest part for me."

Tamra Judge Is Not Impressed

"I know it sounds crazy," Tamra added, "but I woke up today with rosy cheeks.

"No sinus congestion and happy thoughts," she described.

Tamra expressed: "I’m hoping I will continue to see health improvements as the weeks go on."

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Tamra received an at-home checkup from her plastic surgeon, Dr. Milind Ambe.

She reported that "every thing looks great" to her fans and followers.

Tamra added: "( Disclaimer- although I do have a good amount of breast tissue , what you’re seeing is swelling, two layer padded bra and gauze)"

Tamra Judge on Air

This removal was no casual thing.

Tamra shared that she, like many others, has experienced adverse effects and illness due to having implants.

She teased that she will share more about this in September, asking followers to "stay tuned" to learn more.

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Tamra announced the reduction itself last month.

At the time, she shared that the decision was made due to "autoimmune issues."

"Bye bye bye boobies," Tamra quipped at the time prior to her pre-op appointment.

Tamra Judge on the Couch

Tamra also invited her followers at the time to share their stories about having implants removed.

Sometimes, stars do this to drive up engagement. Other times, they do it out of genuine interest.

"I can’t wait!" Tamra wrote to one commenter. "Tired of being tired and inflamed."

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Tamra has experienced a deluge of symptoms.

Thyroid issues, swollen joints, fatigue, and inflammation of her bladder, sinuses, and gut.

She has attributed all of these to her implants … and the science appears to back her up.

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Last autumn, the FDA issued a warning that breast implants can potentially cause "serious or life-threatening risks."

The administration also instructed manufacturers to print warnings of this on the boxes of their products.

For years, those who previously had implants have been warning that this can sometimes happen.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador on the Couch

As we noted, Tamra has been down this road before.

In 2015, she confirmed that she had undergone some sort of breast surgery five times, starting in her early twenties.

Her first breast augmentation came after giving birth to her son, Ryan Vieth. That was 35 years ago.

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After her 21-year-old son Spencer was born, she had her breasts done again.

Pregnancy, nursing, and post-pregnancy weight loss can all have a real impact upon breasts.

Tamra opted for a breast reduction and then had her implants removed in 2012. Later, she decided to have implants put back in.