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This week, Counting On was finally canceled by TLC amidst the horrors of Josh Duggar’s latest scandal.

Many, including some members of the extended Duggar family, have praised the decision. Others have not.

Jeremy Vuolo weighed in, proclaiming that it was "a great day" upon the news breaking.

However, it looks like someone or something is encouraging Jeremy to clam up and not say anything more.

Jeremy Vuolo and Famous Wife
Photo via Instagram

On Tuesday, June 29, TLC finally pulled the plug on Counting On after 11 disgraceful seasons.

In the context of Josh Duggar’s arrest and the heinous charges against him, it was no surprise.

Josh was never on this series, but his primary enablers were — and one of them was receiving a lot of money for it.

Jim Bob and Jeremy
Photo via TLC

Jim Bob’s loss is the world’s gain.

And it may indirectly benefit some of his adult children, given how he uses money to control them.

This is what Jim Bob’s son-in-law had to say, albeit briefly, about the big news:

Yes, Jeremy deleted the tweet pretty quickly after it was posted.

But initially, it simply read "Today is a great day."

That’s not something that you tweet when news breaks that your wife’s family’s show is over — not by accident, anyway.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2021

Jeremy did not explain why he posted what he did.

Perhaps he felt that it would be in poor taste for the series to continue to enrich Jim Bob.

Alternatively, perhaps (given his theological differences with Jim Bob), he felt that the lifestyle extremes of the Duggars did not need to be advertised.

Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo on TLC

Similarly, he did not offer an explanation for his deletion.

Sometimes, people will offer a "Sorry everyone; I tweeted something that came out wrong or was in a poor taste …" etc to their fans.

Nothing from Jeremy. He’d probably just as soon everyone pretend that they never saw it.

Kiss from Jinger

This leaves us able only to speculate.

Was he abruptly taken aback with worry that he was being insensitive?

After all, presumably, at least some of his wife’s siblings enjoyed appearing on the show and the opportunities that it offered.

Jeremy Comes Clean
Photo via TLC

Alternatively, some cannot help but wonder if someone asked Jeremy — gently or otherwise — to delete the tweet.

Jeremy is a grown man, but family pressure upon himself or his wife could go a long way towards changing his tune.

Sometimes, a public comment just isn’t worth the fallout.

Gazing at Jinger
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The cancelation news was a surprise only in that many fans questioned whether TLC would do the right thing.

There was a massive fan petition urging the network to cut ties with the Duggar family once and for all.

In 2015, TLC canceled one show (also over Josh’s crimes) but added Counting On as a Trojan Horse to keep the family on the air.

Michelle Duggar Discusses an Uncomfortable Subject
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This time, audiences are hopeful that it’s truly over.

Simply put, even when Jim Bob was (rightly!) not appearing on the show due to his covering up Josh’s sex crimes, he was enriched by it.

We all now know that Jim Bob was paid by the network, while his family was told that appearing on the series was a form of religious ministry.

Jessa and Anna With Baby Bumps?
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As we previously reported, it is said that TLC head honchos had a lot of discussion over what to do with the problematic series.

They had already invested time, manpower, and money into filming the family.

But they knew that they had to do something, publicly, in order to appease both viewers and uneasy sponsors.

The network knew that the optics surrounding the Duggar family will inevitably get worse.

Josh’s trial will take place beginning in November. 

The details that are likely to come to light during that process … well, that’s not something that TLC wants associated with their programming.