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The facade has come down for Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa.

The shine is off.

And so are the gloves.

Christina and Tarek Together

The former spouses separated in the spring of 2016 and got divorced about a year later… yet refrained from saying anything negative about each other to the press.

They also continued to film their HGTV hit, Flip or Flip, as co-hosts.

What a mature and amicable split, right?

Very wrong, it now seems.

Flip or Flop Stars on TV

According to multiple outlets, Christina and Tarek got into a one-sided argument on the set of this reality show last week.

It allegedly started because Christina signaled in some way to her ex-husband that it was time to start shooting — and Tarek FLIPPED OUT ON CHRISTINA in response.

The reality star reportedly exploded on Christina, comparing her to his new fiancée, Heather Rae Young, who he claimed is much "hotter" and "richer" than his former spouse.

Tarek added that he "made" Christina famous, and referred to her as a "washed-up loser."

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Image
Photo via Instagram

To wrap up his rant, Tarek yelled "Look at me, look at me, look at me. It’s called winning" and capped off his rant by screaming at Christina:

"The world knows you’re crazy!"

Wow, huh?

Sources say Tarek’s anger stemmed from Christina having admitted a few weeks ago that she smoked toad venom with new boyfriend, prompting concern from Tarek over her ability to parent in a responsible manner.

Tarek El Moussa on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

This may be true. Tarek may have this worry.

However, an insider revealed a day ago to In Touch Weekly that the HGTV personalities "pretend they’re friendly exes for the cameras."

In reality, this individial alleges?

They “can’t stand each other."

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Image
Photo via Instagram

The source added “it’s really beginning to show" on the set, following their recent blow up while working on the renovation series together.

“They argue behind the scenes in front of the HGTV crew, who are walking on eggshells around them and feel they’re being pushed to take sides,” the source went on, stating the obvious: 

It’s “beyond awkward” for the cast and crew.

Tarek and Christina, remember, are both the stars and also the hosts of Flip or Flop. (As well as the parents of two young kids they share.)

Christina, Tarek, Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Christina divorced her second husband, Ant Anstead, last year, while Tarek is engaged to Young, who happens to star herself on another real-estate based reality series, Selling Sunset.

Could she ever take over for Christina?

Probably not, because Christina would have a say in such a proposed switcheroo.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t Tarek’s dream scenario.

El Moussas
Photo via Instagram

“If Tarek had it his way, Heather would replace Christina on Flip or Flop, but he’s not stupid,” the insider further told In Touch.

"He is fully aware that she’s the driving force behind the show.”

This also may explain why People Magazine has quoted a source allegedly close to Tarek.

This person acknowledged last week’s fracas, but tried to explain it away on behalf of El Moussa.

Tarek El Moussa in Texas
Photo via Instagram

"They did get into a disagreement. Tarek lashed out and he’s super remorseful," the insider told People.

"They’re exes who share a history and children and a workplace, but outside of coparenting, they’re not friends."

For her part, Haack shared a photo of herself and new lover Joshua Hall after the Flip or Flop fight, although she didn’t directly delve into what transpired.

"No one knows what goes on behind closed doors," she did write, however. "Remember that before making judgements and assumptions…"