Big Brother Recap: Did Frenchie Get the Boot?!

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After Frenchie's controversial week in power, Kyland's week as Head of Household has been predictable.

At the top of Thursday's eviction episode, Frenchie and Britini remained on the block, and it seemed like the end was nigh for Frenchie.

Truthfully, it was one of the weakest eviction episodes in the history of the series. Frenchie's game was over, and there was no campaigning.

Frenchie and Britini Hit the Block

The houseguests knew Frenchie was the big fish and that there was no point in keeping him around.

You know it's a boring week when the nominee says that keeping them around will keep other people safe in future weeks.

That only works if someone the houseguests like is not on the block, and Britini was up there sitting pretty.

Kyland knew Frenchie was about to be evicted, and that meant he wanted to secure his safety for weeks to come.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

He thought it would be a good idea to join forces with the Kings to increase his odds of safety, but Brent and Whitney were not about offering him safety.

Is it curtains for them? It sure seems like it. Their fellow team member, Derek X, is closely aligned with Kyland, so all they had to do was promise him safety.

Instead, it looks like Brent and Whitney will become the targets if they do not get any power, and it's quite refreshing.

Britini opted to give a rap to secure her safety at the vote, but it was pretty terrible.

Frenchie for CBS

In the end, Frenchie was evicted unanimously, leaving the farmer to exit the game.

Julie was quick to grill him about his decision against gambling his safety, but he said he was tired and missed his children.

The Head of Household competition found everyone duking it out with True or False questions to Tom Green parading around Canada talking about Big Brother.

It played out as follows:

Alyssa Lopez for CBS

Round 1: Eliminated – Derek F, Britini, Brent, & Christian

Round 2: Eliminated – Azah

Round 3: All correct

Round 4: Eliminated – Whitney & Claire

Round 5: Eliminated – Derek X, Alyssa, Hannah, and Sarah.

Whitney Williams for CBS

Xavier is the new HOH.

It will be another fun week because Xavier has built many connections throughout the house, and him winning keeps Alyssa Christian safe.

Will Xavier go after Whitney and Brent?

It's likely.

The Wildcard Competition is coming up so that could change everything.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.

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