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These are eventful times for the Duggar family — and not in a good way.

In the weeks since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, the other members of the Counting On clan have coped using various methods — but no one has remained unaffected.

As usual, Jana Duggar has been a major topic of discussion in the Duggar-focused corners of the internet, and fans are curious about how the beloved eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle is handling this crisis.

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As the eldest unmarried Duggar, Jana still lives at home, which has given her a front row seat for the family’s biggest crises.

But this time, it seems she took a pass on being her parents’ shoulder to cry on.

Yes, not only has Jana left the Duggar compound, it appears that she’s left the state of Arkansas entirely.

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As you may have heard, Jana is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, a pilot and businessman who lives with his family in Omaha, Nebraska.

Despite the fact that Omaha is a bustling metropolis compared to what Jana is used to, it seems that she made the switch to city life in order to pursue her relationship with Stephen.

Yes, as part of what seems to be a recent trend for the Duggars, Jana is currently residing with her future in-laws.

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Justin Duggar employed a similar strategy during his courtship with Claire Spivey, who is originally from Amarillo, Texas.

At the time, many wondered why Claire didn’t travel to Arkansas in order to take up residence in the sprawling Duggar "big house."

Now, we know that the investigation which would eventually lead to Josh’s arrest was already underway.

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So it makes sense that the Spiveys might have elected to have Claire keep her distance.

Now, it seems that Stephen and the Wissmann clan have adopted a similar stance:

They don’t want to write off the entire Duggar clan — but they also don’t want to be on hand if there’s another raid from federal agents.

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Anyway, as is customary among the Duggars, Jana is keeping mum about her relationship with Stephen.

But fans have been able to get a good sense of where the couple stands based on some clues they found in recent social media posts.

For starters, Stephen’s sister Bethenny posted a pic from a relaxing day at home with her family.

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It may not look like much, but fans were quick to figure out that Jana was among those hanging out with the Wissmann family that day.

“Is this the back of Jana’s head at the Wissmann fam reunion? Looks like her hair and similar jacket in Magnolia vid,” one person wrote on Reddit.

"Buttons on end of denim jacket on the back it’s her," another concluded.

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"And she wasn’t at lunch with the girls today," a third chimed in.

Yes, fans noted that Jana was not on hand for Jill Duggar’s belated birthday lunch over the weekend.

And that’s not the only clue that she’s taken up temporary residence in Nebraska.

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Earlier this week, Kori Wissmann posted a video of the family playing 21 skidoo — a red rover-style game in which contestants’ names are called.

The video wasn’t on Instagram Stories for very long, but fans thought they heard Jana’s name called in the short clip.

On their own, none of these developments means a whole lot.

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But taken together and combined with the reports we’ve already heard about Jana — well, they begin to add up to something.

"I could honestly see Jana pulling a Jed and getting married in secret," one redditor wrote, referring to Jed’s recent secretive marriage to Katey Nakatsu.

"She seems kinda private about her dating life especially since her relationship status has been such a hot topic for like 10 years now,"

"Private" is an understatement — and now, Jana has more reason to fly under the radar than ever before.