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Ashley Snowden has shared a lengthy Instagram post in which she comes across as rather self-reflective.

But not remotely self-aware.

Over the past few weeks, the Seeking Sister Wife star has been accused of manipulation and different forms of abuse by a variety of women — all of whom lived with Ashley and her partner, Dimitri, at different times.

The accusations are as troubling as it gets, too.

Ashley Snowden Instagram Photo

Ariande Joseph and Christeline Petersen — the latter of whom married Dimitri last year and the former of whom lived with the Snowdens prior to Peterson arriving on the scene — have both alleged assault against Dimitri Snowden.

Joseph flat-out says Snowden raped her.

Peterson, who filed for a restraining order against Dimitri, says he beat her and choked her during sexual intercourse.

What about Ashley?

Seeking Sister Wife Poster

She was far from an innocent bystander, Joseph claims.

"These people abused me and traumatized me and my children," Joseph told blogger John Yates last month, adding of Ashley and the couple in general:

"She is an abuser, too. She’s a manipulator. And as I’ve said, they’re never as happy as they are when they’re terrorizing someone. They gang up on you."

Neither Dimtri nor Ashley has responded to any of these allegations, but Ashley shared a message on her official Instagram page on Thursday that opens as follows:

Seeking Sister Wife Stars

"What a time to be alive! Can you feel all the shifts?"

What a time to be alive.

Perhaps not the most appropriate thing to write when you’re being accused of terrorizing women and also being accused of partnering with a rapist.

"I’ve been taking a hiatus, but I wanted to pop on and share some of my ruminations with you," added Ashley in her post, proceeding to ramble on and on and then on some more.

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Photo via Instagram

"Have you ever considered the freedom in detaching from your identity?" asked Snowden.

"So many carry around their personality like it’s a badge of honor. Too stuck in who they are, to become who they were meant to be.

"I remember when I first started saying, ‘I’m not married to my personality.’"

This was a reminder to myself to embrace death of the old outdated paradigms or attachments to self (and sometimes others). That who we think we are, is often what’s holding us back.

"Those little weaknesses that we stroke and make excuses for; giving way too much power instead of seeking growth."

We really have no idea what Ashley is talking about here.

With TLC viewers pushing for her to be fired, however, Snowden continued:

"I’ve also been thinking a lot about how short life is. Especially coming out of a pandemic, reevaluating what and who is important, and then living in that conviction; so critical."

She kept going, too:

Bitterness and pity take you nowhere. Fame, fortune and outer beauty are fleeting.

Living in the moment and being a good human in real life where it counts, that is the way to see the path reveal itself before you.

Seeking Sister Wife Photo

I think about the Earth a lot.

We often only consider the physical aspects of taking care of her (picking up our trash, recycling, walking or cycling more) which are important, but did you know, taking care of our mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being is also helping the earth?

We can raise the vibration of the planet, by raising our personal vibration. We are interconnected.

We are as much of part of nature as the animals, trees, and the flowers.

Photo via TLC

Snowden doesn’t acknowledge any of the accusations against her or Dimitri, instead trying to come across like she’s above it all, writing:

"Lastly, I’ve got a dope tribe! From the people I know intimately such as family and friends, and the ones whom I’ve never met, or only but a few times, I feel so much gratitude.

"Life can be weird, confusing, cruel and crazy, but it’s also beautiful and inspiring, unique, and fulfilling. I’m reminded of that whenever I’m aligned with those who have big hearts.

"Who cut to the core, keep it real, but send you out better than they found you. You all keep this world spinning."

Photo via TLC

Concluded the very controversial reality star:

In all the cosmic shifting, the eclipses and retrogrades, I’m sending out nothing but love.

Based on all we’ve heard about Ashley Snowden of late?

We do not send the same sentiment back.