Tiffany Moon: Is She Quitting RHOD Due to Kameron Wescott's Racism?

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Dr. Tiffany Moon is a breath of fresh air to the franchise and is beloved by fans.

While there was no shortage of drama for The Real Housewives of Dallas, a bitter feud erupted a few days ago.

This wasn't a typical spat. This clash involved serious accusations of outrageous racism.

Dr. Tiffany Moon faced off with Kameron Westcott, and fans fear that she may quit instead of subjecting herself to further bigotry.

Dr. Tiffany Moon on Her Phone

There were a number of issues this season pertaining to race and racism.

Some were microaggressions. Other confrontations were a bit more directly aggressive.

As a result, Dr. Tiffany Moon referred to her castmate, Kameron, as being "privileged and ignorant."

Tiffany Moon

This was after Kameron attempted to explain Dr. Tiffany's culture to Dr. Tiffany.

After a lot of hostility, and after Dr. Tiffany was only able to say so much at the Tell All, Kameron still had more to say.

She took to Twitter to double down.

Kameron Westcott Selfie

"Someone I was so excited to be on the show with," Kameron wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

"Had a blast filming," she continued.

"And," Kameron lamented, "I am disappointed where it went as we aired in press."

Kameron Westcott in Pink

"I tried to show with receipts," Kameron wrote, I always wanted to be her friend.

"I do hope we get another try to have a good time on this show together!" she tweeted.

Kameron has since deleted the tweet.

Dr. Tiffany Moon tweet vs Kameron Westcott 01

"You came to attack and gaslight me," Dr. Tiffany fried back.

She admonished: "Don’t ever compare me to a Thai sex worker or call me bossy either, please."

Dr. Tiffany announced: "I don’t accept your half ass 'my employee did that' apology."

Dr. Tiffany Moon on the Reunion Stage

"Learn to take some accountability or pay a bill," Dr. Tiffany wrote.

"You’re right I didn’t check in to see if you got your $7m 'dream house' or ask how your dog training was going," she added.

Dr. Tiffany explained: "I was too busy working full time during a pandemic."

Dr. Tiffany Moon tweet vs Kameron Westcott 02

Dr. Tiffany note that she was also "trying too hard with my pranks and rules."

"And," she added, "hanging out with a [clown emoji] who I thought was my friend."

Then. the newcomer and fan favorite alarmed fans by updating her Instagram bio.

Dr. Tiffany Moon

Dr. Tiffany updated her Instagram bio to note that she was a previous Real Housewife.

This seemed to signal that she was not returning for another season.

Whether it meant that she did not expect to be re-hired or would simply not be returning, fans were crushed.

Dr. Tiffany Moon tweet time for a change

It is impossible to overstate Dr. Tiffany's popularity, particularly on social media. 

Her brand and her activism and her attitude have taken Gay Twitter by storm. 

And watching her stand up against white supremacy has been extremely welcome.

Dr. Tiffany Moon Poses by the Stairs

Fans were biting their nails in worry that racism and hostility had driven her from the show.

Now, Dr. Tiffany's publicist has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that this is not the case.

"The rumors of her leaving the show are not true," the publicist revealed.

Dr. Tiffany Moon all Glammed Up for Dinner

At present, Dr. Tiffany's bio simply reads "Season 5 Cast Member #RHOD."

That is true, and a very different statement than "previous cast member."

"Do not let the darkness of others dim your light," Dr. Tiffany's bio wisely advises.

Dr. Tiffany Moon Goes Backless

It is important to note that Kameron Westcott's heated back and forth with Dr. Tiffany was just part of the problem.

In the aftermath of the Reunion airing, Kameron's family got involved.

Her family is accused of tweeting (and deleting) heinous comments.

Dr. Tiffany Moon is Gorgeous

Some of them seem to be insults aimed at Dr. Tiffany.

One of the messages went beyond that, claiming that anti-racism was actually a form of racism.

That's not just a brainrotten, contradictory statement -- it's an expression of white supremacy.

Dr. Tiffany Moon in Uniform

Dr. Tiffany Moon's attorney spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the barrage of tweets.

“The insinuations the Westcotts made in those tweets are reckless, defamatory, and appalling," he stated.

He added: Dr. Moon is a professional in every sense of the word."

Andy Cohen and Dr. Tiffany Moon Selfie

He affirmed that Dr. Tiffany "is deserving of the excellent reputation that she’s earned as a physician and as a hard working mother."

"These attacks on her character will not be tolerated," he announced.

He suggested: "The Westcotts would be well advised to keep mentions of Dr. Moon out of their social media feeds.”

Bravo affirms support for Dr. Tiffany Moon, opposition to racism, etc

Additionally, Bravo has taken a stand against anti-Asian racism and specifically affirming their support for Dr. Tiffany Moon.

"Bravo strongly supports the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community," the network wrote in a statement.

"Anti-racism is, in fact, not a form of racism and the network stands by Dr. Tiffany Moon and her advocacy against racism and violence."

Dr. Tiffany Moon tweet quote Bravo affirms anti-racist stance

Someone claiming that "anti-racism is racism" or "anti-fascism is fascism" is making a comically absurd statement.

But we shouldn't allow the inherent silliness of such claims distract us from the sentiments behind them.

No good person would make either such claim. These are claims made only by those very comfortable with racism or fascism.

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