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In a court of law, one is innocent until proven guilty.

This is important to remember when it comes to Josh Duggar.

The 33-year-old, who was arrested on two counts of child pornography last week, certainly seems like someone who would commit such a heinous crime …

… but he has not yet been tried, let alone convicted of this or any other criminal offense. He pleaded guilty in front of a judge in Arkansas last week.

tlc counting on

The court of public opinion, however, is different. No such evidence is needed.

A jury of anyone’s peers does not determine whether one keeps one’s job.

Sometimes, a person or a business just has to do what is obvious and right.

Obvious, right, and above all, ethical.

Josh Duggar Throwback

Which is what brings us to Josh Duggar and TLC, the network that has employed his family for a decade.

As very likely know at this point, Duggar was arrested on April 28 for possession of child pornography.

He has been accused of downloading material in May 2019 that included photos of minors under the age of 12.

If convicted on both charges for which he was taken into custody last week, Duggar could face up to 40 years in prison.

As you also likely know at this point, Duggar admitted in 2015 to having inappropriately touching five little girls.

He did this when he was 14… four of whom are believed to have been his own sisters, and the fifth, a babysitter.

Photo via Instagram

In response, TLC quickly canceled 19 Kids and Counting.

However, the network then struck up another deal with the Duggar family almost immediately, spinning off that program into Counting On. No Josh on it. That was the only difference.

Said the cable network last Friday after Josh’s arrest:

Anna and Josh Selfie
Photo via Instagram

“TLC is saddened to learn about the continued troubles involving Josh Duggar.

"19 Kids and Counting has not aired since 2015."

"TLC canceled the show on the heels of prior allegations against Josh Duggar and he has not appeared on air since then.”

Photo via Instagram

Ah, yes, if only it were that simple. That’s an almost comically empty and misleading statement from the network.

If only TLC truly had washed its hands of the Duggars after this awful scandal that came out six years ago.

Instead, executives have continued to air Counting On for 11 seasons since, lining the pockets of Jiim Bob Duggar in the process.

Duggar Double Date
Photo via Instagram

This is the same Jim Bob Duggar who covered up his oldest son’s molestation misdeeds back in the day and who has been accused of stealing from his own children.

Derick Dillard is among those who made this latter allegation against his father-in-law.

And now the wife of Jill Duggar is going public with his complaints against TLC.

Jill and Derick in the Snow
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In a series of social media exchanges on Monday, Dillard said the network didn’t realy cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

No matter what language higher-ups used at the time, or now, Derick is saying the quiet part out loud, people:

The network simplly rebranded the show as Counting On and happily kept giving the Duggars a major platform.

Derick Dillard on Xmas
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“We pushed back for a long time & pretended like there was nothing wrong on the outside before we finally got to the place where we quit," Dillard told followers yesterday about his experience.

Why did it take so long to bail?

He added that it was very hard to leave the show because Jim Bob used "scare tactics" against anyone who spoke out.

Derek Makes a Point
Photo via YouTube

Jim Bob, of course, claimed he did his best to handle Josh’s child molestation "in house," while essentially covering up the scandal.

Concluded Dillard on this topic:

"My main message at this point is just for people to evaluate critically and not just assume things are as they appear on the surface."

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Dillard has not been alone in criticizing TLC.

Jacob Roloff is another former reality TV star, having appeared on Little People, Big World until quitting in the summer of 2016.

He claimed in 2020 that a producer assaulted him many years ago – and then added this week that the network never followed up with him in any way afterward or bothered to check on his well-being.

Roloff BLASTED his ex-employer on Instagram for its reaction to his accusation, and then to its reaction to this Josh Duggar arrest.

"RE: Duggars," he wrote.

"TLC’s statement of essentially, ‘He hasn’t been on air in a while,’" he says, glosses over that they continue to air "terrible people."

Terrible people "with sometimes terrible producers for often terrible motives for beaucoup ratings and profit. (And still profiting.)"

The Duggars are kind of totally terrible human beings, Jacob straight up says here, and they often work with terrible producers.

Jacob continues:

"When the ‘terrible’ of all that gets uncovered, TLC walks away with the beaucoup profits and… nothing else (Maybe a twin spin-off)."

Isabel, Jacob, Molly and Amy

Roloff concluded with a remarkably simple point.

A plea, really. Stop playing into TLC’S hand.

TLC doesn’t give a s–t about what happens on or off camera, as long as they get paid, and you lot keep watching. Don’t.

Jill Duggar and Derek on Anniversary
Photo via Instagram

Based on Dillard’s first-hand account… and Roloff’s first-hand account… and what we know about Josh Duggar’s distant past?

Not to mention his recent past, and the way his parents have handled everything … only one real question should remain:


Duggar, Joshua

Okay, maybe two more questions:



Josh Duggar at Dinner

Apologies for the CAPS LOCK rant, but you have to wonder how a network can put out that kind of tepid statement.

Given their role in all of this, it’s baffling.