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Late last summer, Maddie Ziegler apologized for past racism.

At the time, she very correctly asked fans to not defend her.

Her sister, Mackenzie, is younger and did not initially speak publicly on the topic.

Now, she is joining her sister in a formal public apology.

Mackenzie Ziegler Selfie

Mackenzie Zielger, the 16-year-old Dance Moms alum, took to Instagram last week.

On Thursday, April 8, she wrote on her Instagram Stories about her past.

There is, she expressed, a lot to regret.

"I sincerely regret any pain i may have caused," Kenzie’s post began.

She wrote that this may be pain caused "from decisions i made when i was younger."

"There is no excuse for this," Mackenzie then affirmed.

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"And," Mackenzie noted, "I am continuing to learn and grow."

She wrote that she is doing so "so that i do not make the same mistakes again."

"Thank you for understanding," Kenzie wrote optimistically.

Mackenzie Ziegler
Photo via Instagram

She hoped that fans recognize "that my actions from years ago do not represent who i am today."

"Part of growing up," Mackenzie observed, "is becoming more self aware."

She is certainly not wrong — and at 16, she has barely begun that journey.

Mackenzie Ziegler and Maddie Ziegler
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"And i am committed to educating myself," she affirmed.

"And," Kenzie concluded, she is committed to "thinking before acting."

Those are very positive aspirations to have.

Mackenzie Ziegler at Her Book Signing
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Mackenzie did not make specific references to past scandals.

However, the content to which she refers is clear.

Recently resurfaced screenshots have shown Kenzie appearing to wear blackface.

Maddie, Mackenzie and Melissa
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In August of 2020, Mackenzie also apologized — alongside her sister, Maddie — for another scandal.

At that time, she was apologizing for a written visual gag that was filled with racist jokes targeting Black people.

Racism is a pervasive evil in our society, and clearly, not even children are immune to its perfidious influence.

Mackenzie’s apology, though certainly sincere, is not ours to accept.

No one person can accept or offer forgiveness for a wrong targeted at an entire community.

And it is absolutely not the place of Kenzie’s white fans to accept her apology or declare if it is good enough.

Mackenzie has been making an earnest use of her platform for positive change.

This has included, even today, sharing resources to her legions of followers who want to see justice for Daunte Wright.

After yet another Black American was murdered during a "routine" traffick stop by police, we are all hoping that we can do what we can to help.

As we reported last year, Maddie offered a similar apology last year.

On the one hand, children growing up in the spotlight robs them of many things, including room to make mistakes like other children do.

At the same time, we are very conscious that blackface is not exactly a normal childhood mistake, particularly for children born this century.