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Joe Giudice is currently living in the Bahamas and training for a boxing match.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star will be fighting Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, Ojani Noa, inside of the ring at some point later this summer.

But while Joe hopes to lay Noa out in the middle of the squared circle, he recently spoke to in Touch Weekly and made it clear he has no interest in mixing it up with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Juicy Joe Giudice Photo
Photo via Instagram

As you may have heard, Joe, Teresa and Louie Ruelas actually met up for dinner.

They dined together near the former’s temporary home late last month.

How very mature and amicable of all involved, right?

Giudice Extended Family Dinner

Did the tropical gathering go well?

“It was fine,” Joe told the aforementioned tabloid. “I mean, he seems like a decent guy."

"I don’t really know, but I may not seem like a decent guy. She’s happy with him so far.”

Photo via Instagram

Joe and Teresa’s daughters were also on hand for the meal.

This is an inclusion which Giudice acknowledges was a "little awkward," but not altogether awful.

“It was a group atmosphere,” the Bravo star continued too In Touch.

Giudice Family Dinner in the Bahamas

He then had more to say about Ruelas:

“I guess he just wanted to introduce himself, you know."

He explained the context of the overture "being that they’re probably going to be moving in."

Joe Giudice, daughters, and Teresa Giudice in the Bahamas
Photo via Instagram

"I guess the kids are going to be living there with them as well," he added.

"So … it was understandable and nice.”

That is both fair and diplomatic.

Juicy Joe Giudice
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Indeedd, Ruelas and Teresa Giudice have reportedly purchased a big home together in New Jersey.

They may even get engaged one of these days or weeks.

Joe is now dating someone with questionable taste named Daniela Fittipaldi.

Joe Giudice in Nassau
Photo via Instagram

The father of four says that he’s accepting of Teresa and Louie’s potential new living situation.

“Does it hurt at all? I mean, no,” he says, adding that he ultimately wants his ex to find happiness.

“Now what are you gonna do? She can’t live alone. It’s good that she found somebody.”

Joe Giudice on His Insta

For her part, Giudice seems very serious about Ruelas.

And very relieved that there’s no tension between him and Joe.

She recently addressed this while speaking to Andy Cohen.

Teresa Giudice with Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

On Watch What Happens Live, Teresa opened up about her lover and her ex.

“They’ve talked over the phone," she shared.

"And," Teresa told Andy, "Luis wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet him."

Luis Ruelas with Teresa
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Added Teresa in this chat with Cohen, gushing over the Bahamian dinner and how everyone got alone.

“I thought that was like the most amazing thing ever," she raved.

"Because he said he just wanted to talk to him," Teresa explained of Ruelas’ intentions.

Teresa Giudice, Up Close and Very Personal
Photo via BRAVO

"And," Teresa continued, Ruelas wanted to "let him know that he’s not trying to take his place or anything."

Well, maybe in his bed, but Joe will always be the father of his four daughters.

"But he just wanted [Joe] to meet him because we have daughters and I just thought that was the most beautiful thing ever.”

Louis Ruelas Kisses Teresa

It certainly was a heartwarming moment in all of the footage that fans saw from the get-together.

Of course, given that Luis Ruelas’ exes have described weird vindictive behavior and labeled him an overly horny sex maniac, many fans are worried.

Let us all hope that Teresa has a better experience than what other women have described.