Isabel Roloff: Learn How to Masturbate, Ladies! It Will Improve Your Mental Health!

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Isabel Roloff is not about to be silenced or shamed.

Which, in our opinion, is a very good thing.

Because Isabel Roloff also continues to open up about one of the most important topics out there, something that applies to all ages, races and ethnicities:

Mental health.

Isabel, Jacob, Molly and Amy

The wife of Jacob Roloff, a former cast member on Little People, Big World, Isabel has come right out at times and detailed some of her struggles.

“I am good at pretending,” she wrote last summer, for example. “Pretending I am okay when I am not. Currently, I am not. And only a few people in my life right now know how deeply I am not.”

She referenced the deaths of her mother and father and added several months ago:

"My anxiety keeps me from trusting anyone, or living much of a normal life. My depression keeps me from seeing that I deserve joy, and peace.”

Isabel Roloff on Her Gram

More recently, Roloff wrote about a panic attack she suffered and how grateful she was to her husband for knowing exactly how to calm her down.

Back in December, meanwhile, Isabel touched on mental health issues in a very differrent kind of manner:

By sharing a photo of herself with a large pink vibrator as part of a promotion for the company Vush.

Isabel Roloff, vibrator

"No one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed to own their sexuality," she wrote along with it at the time, continuing as follows:

"Self pleasure has many wonderful benefits like relieving stress, releasing those happy hormones and helping you sleep better.

"It's a part of your self-care routine that should not be overlooked, my friends."

Isabel later took to her Instagram Stories, where she spoke more in-depth about the sex toy and her own experience with self-love and personal pleasure.

Isabel Rock in a Fun Dress

"It has been so huge for me in my self-love journey to actually just give myself the room for self-pleasure," she explained.

"This subject was really hard for me to talk about for a really long time, and thankfully I have worked through a lot of shame surrounding self-pleasure.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact it helps with stress."

Fair enough, right? And sort of cool that Roloff felt comfortable enough to talk about something that far too many people consider as taboo.

Isabel Rock in a Hat


Not she's doing so again.

This time, she is promoting a subscription service called Beducated on her Instagram page.

"If you’re not familiar with Beducated the are a subscription based platform offering courses on adult sex education," she told followers.

"Which I think is really valuable, there’s nothing quite like it out there."

Isabel Roloff and Jacob and Jackson

Isabel then delved into what she specifically is getting out of this platform.

"As for me, I tried the Yoni massage course and I learned a lot.

"I thought it was rally helpful, especially if you faced any kind of trauma or you’re just getting to know yourself in that way for the first time. It was really great."

Izzie and Jacob Roloff

According to our research, a Yoni massage is something woman can perform on herself. It's a masturbation technique, basically.

Do you feel all awkward and weird just reading that sentence?

No big deal, if so. No judgement here certainly.

But for those who have been maybe hoping someone out there would help them in this area? Educate them on the topic? Show them that this is a way to improve one's general well-being?

We applaud Isabel for being that person.

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