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Colton Underwood has said multiple times that he suspected he might be gay way back in high school.

The former Bachelor has admitted to questioning his sexuality for many years now.

And yet… despite Colton’s self-reflection and despite Colton’s indecisiveness over this long time period… there was reportedly one person who always safely assumed he was straight.

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Cassie Randolph.

Just over a week since Underwood revealed to the world that he is, in fact, gay, the reality star’s serious ex-girlfriend is still dealing with the news.

According to a People Magazine insider, not only didn’t Cassie know that Colton was going to drop this bombshell on Good Morning America — she didn’t even know there was such a bombshell to drop.

As in: Randolph didn’t know Colton was gay.

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"Cassie found out Colton is gay the same time that everyone else did," a source tells this publication of the speech pathologist, who broke up with Underwood last year.

"She’s still processing it."

How is this possible, some folks may be wondering?

Colton himself admitted to Robin Roberts that one major reason why he struggled with his sexuality over the last few years was due to his legitimate feelings for Randolph.

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“I loved everything about her and it’s hard for me to articulate exactly what my emotions were in going through that relationship with her was because I obviously had an internal fight going on,” Underwood said on GMA.

“I would just say that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

"I’m sorry for any pain and emotional stress I caused. I wish that it wouldn’t have happened the way that it did.

"I wish that I had been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anybody else.”

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood on ABC

Cassie and Colton split up in the spring oof 2020 … and then things got ugly.

The former couple got into in several spats on social media and then, in September, Randolph filed a restraining order that detailed disturbing allegations about Underwood.

They included that Underwood stalked her home and even put a tracking device on her car.

Scary stuff.

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"It was a very traumatic time for Cassie," adds this same People source, who notes that the public interest since Underwood’s ABC interview has been somewhat of a battle for Randolph.

"It’s tough to be in the headlines and revisit painful memories."

This could explain why Cassie needs a break at the moment.

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“Thank you everyone for the kind comments and messages. It means so much,” Randolph wrote alongside a link to her YouTube channel on Friday, April 16, via Instagram Stories.

“And yes, some of you are asking about my YouTube for this week.

"I decided to take the week off, but will have one again next week!!”

We totally get it.

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In the end, however, People Magazine concludes that Randolph won’t get stuck in the past.

"She is a person of faith and she believes in forgiveness," said the source.

"And ultimately, she’s going to be just fine. She’s moved on with her life."