Amy Roloff: I Don't Need Matt OR His Side Piece at My Wedding!

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After a lengthy, pandemic-related delay, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek set their wedding date.

Generally, when you do this, you send out save-the-dates and then invitations for your big day.

We're sure that many members of the Roloff family have already been invited to the upcoming nuptials.

But two people are very conspicuously not on the guest list.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: A Photo

The Sun spoke to an inside source about how the wedding invite situation is going.

"Matt and Caryn haven't received an invite," the insider revealed.

"But," the source added, "they were expecting to and would attend."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Costa Rica

"Caryn is not a fan of Amy," the insider admitted.

"And," the source continued, Caryn "doesn't want to go."

"But she'd support Matt," the insider added.

Amy Roloff on Valentine's Day

"And," the source noted, "all of the children and grandchildren will be there."

"They feel their wedding might end up being a small affair because of COVID," the insider explained.

"So," the source continued, "it's likely they'll be left off the list altogether."

With Her Man

"They've been told very little about the wedding," the insider went on.

The source characterized that "they're basically in the dark."

The insider detailed that "they aren't even aware of the venue."

Amy Roloff Loves Chris

"Amy is keeping her cards close to her chest," the source summarized.

"Even if it is an intimate wedding," the insider added.

The source remarked: "They feel it will be televised as part of the show."

Happy 4th

"The family dynamics could make for interesting viewing," the insider observed.

The source clarified that this is true "of the preparations and big day."

That said, there is no official word from TLC on what plans there are to film the nuptials, if any.

In Love with Chris

Amy and Chris were together for years before they finally became engaged in 2019.

We only say "finally" because it was long-anticipated by fans of the couple.

It's good that they took their time ... though the timing was perhaps unfortunate.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Kitchen

Were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, Amy and Chris would have tied the knot in 2020.

The pandemic has now claimed 3 million lives worldwide, with one in six deaths in America.

With that in mind ... there are worse things than pushing back a wedding date.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on the Beach

"Wow! The BIG day is getting closer," Amy recently wrote.

"I can't believe in about 4 1/2 months I'll be married to this man," Amy gushed about Chris.

Based upon that, it sounds like they're marrying in late August or early September, approximately.

Amy Roloff and Chris: Look at Us!

Amy described Chris as "my friend and partner and love for the rest of my life."

"The second time around [and last] is quite different in a [number] of good ways," she reflected.

"Yes, we're different in many ways," Amy acknowledged, "but also very together in others."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on Thankgiving

"Those difference[s] and togetherness encourages us to be our best," Amy affirmed.

She wrote that they are encouraged to "give and serve each other, support each other."

She said that they "appreciate our individuality and in it all, love each other so much."

Amy Roloff Anniversary Pic

"I'm very much looking forward to marrying this man," Amy expressed.

She emphasized: "I'm thankful, grateful, faithful, and full of love."

"I pray and thank the Lord every day," Amy concluded. "What a blessing."

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