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Rachel Lindsay is here to keep it real.

She’s here to not beat around a single bush.

She is here, quite simply, to tell it like it is.

Or, at least, like how she thinks it could be, based on a very troubling pattern she’s been noticing from a certain segment of the viewing population.

Rachel Lindsay and Her Hand

On the former Bachelorette’s Higher Learning podcast this Friday, Lindsay sat back and surveyed the scene on social media.

And, just a few weeks after she briefly deleted her Instagram page due to incessant harrassment, she came right out and made a bold prediction.

Lindsay told Van Lathan that she could see The Bachelor and/or The Bachelorette getting canceled in the near future.

Photo via Bravo

"It’s wild out there, y’all. It’s so toxic," she said on air.

"Bachelor Nation, y’all are gonna be the reason this show doesn’t exist anymore," Rachel warned.

She explained that it could happen "‘cause you’re so damn toxic."

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay on Set

Added Lindsay, as directly as one can:

"You’re gonna be the demise of the show and the reason it’s taken down."

Given the level of racist toxicity … she is not the first to say it.

Rachel Lindsay Motives You
Photo via Instagram

Rachel, of course, has found herself smack dab in the middle of an ongoing controversy.

This controversy has been centered upon Chris Harrison, Season 25 suitor Rachael Kirkconnell, and the topic of race.

She was the one who interviewed Chris Harrison in early February and who asked him about Kirkconnell’s questionable history of social media posts.

Rachel Lindsay Says to Vote

As you likely know by now, Harrison went out of his way to defend Kirkconnell.

That action and his comments while taking it then prompted a backlash.

What followed were multiple apologies from Harrison… but ultimately, his error led him to step away as host.

Lindsay didn’t pile on and drag Harrison too hard for his response to this scandal.

But she did say she thought Harrison leaving as host, even just on a temporary basis, was probably a good idea.

She’s not wrong, and surely Chris and ABC would both agree.

Rachel Lindsay in a Black Top
Photo via Instagram

In the wake of these remarks, and other critical remarks from Lindsay over the past few months, ABC has gone ahead and replaced Harrison.

On a temporary basis, he has been swapped out for Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe for this upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Some fans are excited for the change. Others see it as confirmation of every (racist) thought they’ve had about Rachel.

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison Photo

Lindsay has been on the receiving end of vitriol from many viewers.

There are pernicious portions of the fandom that view any criticism as an attack.

She has been branded a "troublemaker," as "desperate for attention," and some dogwhistles too racist to repeat.

Rachel Lindsay in LA
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She’s taken extreme issue for awhile now with how poorly The Bachelor has handled the subject of diversity …

… and that was long before this entire Kirkconnell/Harrison mess came to light!

Moreover, she’s now borne witness to the hate Matt James has been garnering ever since he dumped Kirkconnell.

Photo via ABC

In terms of hate, there has been so much so that Rachael herself has told the trolls to shut the eff up.

Rachel and Rachael are very different people, but they have both ardently defended Matt.

"You’re nasty, you’re vile, you’re harassing Matt for a decision that he made," Lindsay added on Friday.

Rachel Lindsay Red Carpet Photo
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"He supports the girl, he’s allowing her to do it on her own. Let’s move on."

It is important to remember that Matt doesn’t owe Rachael hand-holding through her process of unlearning racism.

No person of color should have to go through that kind of grueling process.

Rachel Lindsay in Green
Photo via Instagram

Earlier on the podcast, Rachel said she continues to be vocal and call things out on The Bachelor.

Unfortunately, she does not feel very hopeful about the massive necessary changes, noting:

"Is it where it needs to be? No. And honestly it probably never will."