Jason Duggar: Is He Courting Claire Spivey's Sister?!?

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Mere days after Justin Duggar exchanged vows -- and, we presume, bodily fluids -- with Claire Spivey, the Internet is suddenly abuzz.

It's curious.

It's confused and also intrigued by a single social media photo and caption and the possibility that it may signal yet another union between these two families.

Jason Duggar and Spiveys

More simply put:

Might Jason Duggar also be courting a member of the Spiveys?!?

This question is being asked because Claire's mother, a 42-year old woman named Hilary, just shared a photo on Instagram of Jason standing alongside one of her other kids, son Robert.

“After a tough week of adjusting to Claire being gone … this guy walked through the back door Friday night,” she wrote as a caption.

“What a surprise. We love you, Jason!"

Jason Duggar and Justin Duggar

This is a sweet sentiment.

It's very nice that Hilary feels so strongly after her new son-in-law's brother.

But why did Jason just walk through the door, many social media users are wondering in the wake of the snapshot.

“Are you adopting this one as well? Possibly arranging something with your other daughter?" asked one observer in the Comments section of Hilary's post.

Jason Duggar In Texas

LOL, Hilary basically replied. No.

"We would love to have Jason in our fam but no, our gal is too young," she wrote in reply, adding:

"We do say that he is part of the fam now that justin and Claire are married.

"Friends come and go but family is forever."

h. spivey tweet

Justin and Claire got married late last month, only three months or so after they got engaged.

“Today we have started a journey together that God crafted long before we ever knew it was meant to be,” the couple announced at the time on social media.

"We are so thankful for the love of Christ that has brought our lives together and teaches us what real love looks like.

"There is no greater joy than marrying your best friend.

"We are thankful for the prayers and support so many have shown us through our engagement and look forward to this new chapter of our lives together as husband and wife."

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey Eat Tacos

Hilary, meanwhile, has made it evident that she won't be afraid to mix it up with critics of the VERY young couple.

Not long after marrying her daughter off, she clapped back against a troll who said Claire -- just barely 20 years old -- is too immature to be a wife.

“We brought the wisdom and maturity to the wedding party,” wrote Mrs. Spivey as the caption to a wedding photo.

“If y’all brought wisdom to the wedding party, then it might mean your kid is too young/immature to get married … ” someone wrote in response to that pretty harmless remark.

Claire and Hilary Spivey

Clearly unafraid of a bit of conflict, Hilary was quick to reply.

“This was a joke. We were the silliest ones in the lineup!!” she wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

Hilary doesn't seem bothered by online criticism; she almost seems to embrace it.

In that case, she'll fit right in with the Duggars, who have never been shy or embarrassed about who they are or what values they hold.

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