Janelle Brown: Of Course I Get Jealous of My Sister Wives!

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Can you imagine being married to Kody Brown?

Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Meet The Sister Wives

He's insensitive, pretty self-centered, and he generally talks down to people because he seems to think there's no way in the world that anyone could know anything better than him.

We're sure he has his good points too, but like, there's an awful lot of bad ones and we've seen them on TV for the past ten years.

And while it doesn't sound like it would be very fun to be married to Kody, you have to remember that not only does he have those bad qualities, but he has multiple wives.

So not only would you have to deal with him, you'd have to deal with him being married to three other people.

It's Kody Brown

Who would choose that life when there are so many other lives to choose?

If you watch Sister Wives, then you know the answer -- Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all made the decision to marry him, and they make the decision to stay with him every single day.

Judging by the show, it seems like an awful lot of days are pretty terrible, but still, they make that choice.

And not only that, but according to a new interview from Janelle with Us Weekly, they still like Kody and everything.

Janelle Brown Via a Confessional

Enough to be jealous of each other.

When asked about the topic of jealousy, Janelle admitted "Of course I still get jealous."

"But I learned a long time ago, you really just have to figure out how to be OK with yourself," she added.

She said it was important to realize that "You have strengths, and you have blessings and you have opportunities that you're given."

Sister Wives Throwback

"You can't compare," she stressed. "I just think comparison is, like, the death of plural marriage."

Janelle recalled the early years of the Brown family, back when she became Kody's second wife -- he was married to Meri for three years before spiritually marrying Janelle, and Janelle had been in a monogamous marriage before she became a Brown.

She said that back then, she "thought I was always pretty independent," and "it became like, 'Look, I'm OK. I have a lot to offer.'"

"So that really helped me through those kinds of emotions."

Janelle and Kody Brown Throwback

Next, she was asked who the "most jealous wife" is, and she answered with a laugh and by saying "You know, we all take our turns!"

"Listen, we're not perfect," she continued. "We have our own things that trip us up for sure, but I think we've come a million miles in the 30 years or whatever that we've been a family."

That's definitely been shown on Sister Wives -- we've seen plenty of tough conversations between the women in the family, especially between Meri, Janelle, and Christine.

There was even a whole storyline about Meri and Janelle going to therapy together to work out their issues, and they revealed that things were so bad that they wouldn't even ride in the same car to the therapy appointments.

But like Janelle said, it does look like they're doing better these days.

Still not good enough to tolerate living in one big house again, but hey, baby steps!

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