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Courtney Stodden says she can totally feel the pain of Britney Spears.

And she also says that she wants everyone out there to be able feel her pain, as well.

In other, less confusing words?

Courtney Stodden wants a documentary to be made about her life in the near futurre.

Courtney Stodden Instagram Photo

While speaking with NECN’s "RealiTea with Derek Z" on Monday, the D-Lister said she noticed similarities between herself and Spears when she watched Framing Britney Spears, especially when it comes to their upbringing.

Said Stodden on air:

"When I watched the Britney documentary, ‘Framing Britney Spears,’ I was like:

"’Oh my god my story is kind of eerily similar,’ like the beginning parts with the small town and the parents and the fame at a young age and everything like that."

For those unaware, Framing Britney Spears has been in the news of late because the film — produced by The New York Times and available on Hulu — chronicles the rise and fall of this global superstar.

It focuses on the crazy amount of attention paid to by Spears by the press and the paparazzi, honing in on all the ways that Spears was manipulated, exploited and exposed during her heyday.

Such attention culminated in a nervous breakdown in 2009.

To this day, as a result, Britney’s father is the singer’s conservator; he’s in charge of her finances and, in many ways, her life… despite the artist continuing to fight in court for her freedom.

Back to Stodden, though, who hails from Ocean Shores, Washington.

"I haven’t even been back to my hometown since I became famous, I haven’t been back there.

"I’m too scared to go back there to tell you the truth," Stodden explained yesterday.

"So I think the only way I would go back there is if I did a documentary about it because it’s gonna be very colorful, to say the least, and scary for me to go back there ’cause I have a lot of haters in my hometown."

Courtney Stodden In 2020

Added Stodden, who has never reached the levels of fame accomplished by Spears:

"I was bullied out of my hometown and I remember when I left, I thought, ‘I’m never coming back here again…ever.’"

Did Stodden ever come under the sort of scrutiny that bedeviled Britney over the years? No.

But she received a lot of negative attention in 2011 when, as a 16-year old, she became the subject of media attention when she married then 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson.

This is why Courtney believes she can relate to Spears.

Wrote Stodden on Instagram a week ago:

I want to thank my fans!

Ever since Framing Britney Spears has come out, I’ve received apologies from both sides — people in the media and supporters from around the world.

I think the documentary has opened a lot of people’s hearts to what it’s like being in the shoes of a personality in the center of judgement.

Stodden went on to give "props" to Spears and continued:

I’ve felt the world pointing at me while they watched and laughed as I sank in the middle of the ocean.

I know what it feels like to be everyone’s “train wreck” yet no one ever sees you for who you are or has compassion for your pain.

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The social personalist even opened way up as follows:

I tried to take my own life, drank myself to sleep, wasn’t aware that I was being abused, both sexually and mentally.

I was lost in Hollywood madness and had no where to turn, all while being painted as some kind of clown villain for people to sling mud at. 16,17,18 were the hardest years of my life.

I was a joke every night for Anderson Cooper on the Ridiculist. I was a target for celebs like Wendy Williams to call me a slut. I was perfect for Chrissy Teigen to bully and tell me to go die in the dirt.

Jason Biggs loved harassing me, making me feel like trash. Amongst a plethora of others.

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These days?

Courtney, who may be dating Brian Austin Green, is at least doing much better.

Now I’m 26, divorced from toxicity and I’m feeling so much more grounded.

I’m not relying on pills or alcohol for my worth. Music is my passion and I’m focused on serving you BOP after BOP!