Queen to Honor Kate Middleton, Diss Meghan Markle In Surprise Ceremony?

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We're not sure if it's a job requirement, or just one of the psychological effects of holding a position of authority over tens of millions of people, but queens are generally tough to please.

That might go double for Queen Elizabeth II, who's been the reigning monarch in her country since the days when Winston Churchill was prime minister, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, and landing on the moon was the stuff of distant dreams.

Folks, when the Queen says "okay, boomer," she's not clapping back at her elders, she's putting her whipper-snapper kids in their place!

The Queen Remembers

In other words, QE2 is old -- 94 years old, to be exact -- but it doesn't look as though she's planning to enter retirement anytime soon.

It also doesn't look as thought she'll be having any changes of heart with regard to the people who have failed to meet her lofty standards.

That's good news if you're Kate Middleton ... and not such good news if you're Meghan Markle.

Dueling Duchesses

Yes, even though they now live on different continents, it seems the feud between Kate and Meghan is still going strong.

And in the months to come, the situation might come to a head -- all under the watchful eye of Her Royal Majesty.

March will mark one year since the Megxit agreement that allowed Harry and Meghan to leave the UK while still retaining some of their royal titles and privileges.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on a Bench

The anniversary is significant, as the arrangement is scheduled for a one-year review by a panel of royals (which includes both Kate and the Queen), who will decide if the terms are working for everyone involved.

Needless to say, Meghan and Harry have a lot riding on the outcome, and insiders say the couple will make their first trip back to the UK together in order to meet with members of the so-called "Firm" who will decide their fate.

The following month brings an equally important anniversary, as it will mark 10 years since Kate married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Queen at the Wedding

Insiders say Meghan's "difficulties" in the role of Duchess have made the Queen all the more appreciative of the ease with which Kate stepped into the role.

And the it seems Elizabeth is planning to make her affection known with a ceremony that will serve as both a celebration of Kate ... and a subtle middle finger directed toward Meghan.

"It’s highly likely she’ll be planning a special secret something to honour Kate’s 10 years in the royal family – something she can do to mark it," royal expert Duncan Larcombe tells the UK edition of Us Weekly.

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth

"Kate and the Queen have a fantastic relationship," he adds.

According to Larcombe, the Covid-19 pandemic has actually made Kate and the Queen closer.

Not only has the Queen been impressed with Kate's commitment to helping manage the crisis, she's also benefited from Middleton's technical know-how.

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Too

Larcombe says Kate has helped her grandmother-in-law master new (to her) technologies like FaceTime, that allow her to keep in touch with her grandchildren.

Insiders say Meghan has long felt that the Queen's favoritism toward Kate prevented her from ever giving her second granddaughter-in-law the chance she deserves.

And if the "hooray for Kate" party follows closely on the heels of a Megxit review that goes poorly for the Sussexes, the party might be taken as the equivalent of going nuclear in posh, royal way.

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