Halsey is Pregnant! Who the Heck is Her Baby Daddy?

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Halsey has dropped a major bombshell on the public.

It's not a new song. It's not a new album. But it is something even more exciting...

... it's a new life!

Halsey is Pregnant

“Surprise!” the superstar singer captioned her an Instagram post on Wednesday, which included the debut of her baby bump.

In this same social media upload, the Grammy nominee showed her bare stomach in a crochet top and unbuttoned denim jeans -- while boyfriend Alev Aydin seemed pretty psyched about the miraculous development.

"Heart so full, I love you, sweetness," he commented on Halsey's post, prompting the artist to reply:'

"I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!"

Halsey on Stage

While followers expressed their own excitement in the Comments section of Halsey's photo montage, many also couldn't help but wonder:

Who the heck is Alev Aydin?!?

The couple "have been dating for several months," a source tells People Magazine, confirming that the two even got matching tattoos in June of 2020.

The permanent pieces of ink both read "Seeds," while Aydin got inked on the top of his foot and Halsey placed hers near her heel.

this halsey tweet

Aydin is also a singer. He hails from Turkey and is very proud of his heritage.

"I went back to the motherland for about a month. Bittersweet this time though," he captioned a post on social media at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Back on New Year's Eve, meanwhile, Halsey shared a sweet post dedicated to Aydin -- and she even wrote in Turkish at the time.

"Grateful for you this year and every year, sweets. seni çok seviyorum," the artist wrote, which translate to: "I love you so much."

halsey tribute


In 2017, Aydin released an eight-episode television series he created titled "Small Shots," which is available to watch on Netflix.

Some of his other screenwriting work includes Turbo and Joey, which dropped in 2013; and he also executive produced a short called HipMen: Los Angeles.

Haley, for her part, suffered a miscarriage in 2015.

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Three years later, she froze her eggs due to endometriosis, a painful disorder that can lead to infertility.

While appearing on an episode of The Doctors, Halsey, who was just 23 at the time, explained:

"Doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because I'm fortunate enough to have that as an option, but I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility, about protecting myself.

"When I started touring and playing concerts and traveling, the stress and strain on my body really started to enhance the symptoms and make the experience a little bit worse."

it's halsey

Prior to getting together with Aldin -- who spoke out passionately after George Floyd was killed last year and who wrote around that time "F— Donald Trump" -- Halsey was romantically linked to singer Yungblud and actor Evan Peters.

She famously dated G-Eazy on and off from 2017 to 2018.

Congratulations to the talent singer and Alev Aydin!

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