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Maci Bookout is admired by Teen Mom fans for her no-nonsense approach to both fame and parenting.

Widely regarded as one of the most "down to earth" reality stars on MTV, Maci is certainly well-off, but she seems to have kept in touch with her roots better than most folks who achieve fame at an early age.

Maci Bookout in Late 2020

That’s why the recent Maci Bookout plastic surgery rumors caught so many fans by surprise.

It seemed so unlike the hard-working, salt of the earth Maci to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but as many fans pointed out it just seems a bit out of character for Maci.

Maci Sells Her Wares

Bookout denied the rumors, but she admitted to a fondness for Botox.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, but some fans felt that any cosmetic procedure undermined Maci’s image as a rugged outdoorswoman.

But hey, she’s allowed to be a complex person, and she deserves credit for making the Botox confession knowing full well that it wouldn’t sit well with some of her fans.

The Bookouts on Thanksgiving

There’s another act of vanity, however, that Maci refuses to admit to.

We’re talking about her tendency to over-indulge in filters and face-tuning.

Fans have been quick to call her out when she dials up the tuning a bit too much — and her latest pic attracted a wealth of negative attention.

Maci Bookout Is Photoshopped

“Par-Tee Time at @topgolf  #topgolfchattanooga #tgchoochoo," Maci captioned the pic, which shows her enjoying a day on the links with some friends.

The pic quickly found its way to Reddit, where denizens of one of the snarkier Teen Mom groups had a field day with it.

"So much airbrush," oner commenter wrote, kicking things off rather tamely.

Maci Bookout in 2020

“Maci always edits the s–t out of her picture, or uses very heavy filters, [even] when it’s a pic of her and her kids,” another observed.

Some fans tried to move the comments in a more positive direction.

“She’s looked really good lately,” one Redditors wrote.

Maci Bookout as an OG
Photo via MTV

However, the response to that comment was predictably swift and harsh.

“She’s just really good at Facetune,” one commenter replied.

Another wrote simply, “Photoshop.”

Maci at Her Computer

“Her pictures are always so overly edited,” a third chimed in.

Some fans also took issue with the fact that Maci seems to be enjoying herself at a public gathering with no concern for the possibility of transmitting or contracting Covid-19.

“And no masks. FREEEEEEEEEDUMB,” one wrote.

Photo via MTV

“Pandemic? What pandemic??” another sarcastically asked.

Some fans speculated that Maci’s area might not be a Covid hotspot, but one commenter was quick to disabuse them of that notion.

“I’m in Tennessee (like Maci) and people here don’t give a single F–K," this person shared.

What About Maci?

"Bars and restaurants have been open and operating as usual since early summer. It’s why we’re such a raging hotspot right now.”

So there you have it — according to this group, Maci committed two sins in one photo.

One of them is minor, and really shouldn’t be of much concern for anyone else.

Maci Bookout as an OG
Photo via MTV

The other might contribute to the spread of the deadly virus that’s kept us all indoors for the past ten months.

So yeah, Maci’s gonna have to take her lumps on that one.

An apology would be nice, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath on that score.