Leah Messer: Stop Calling My Kid a Brat!

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Leah Messer has three daughters, and one of them has a bit of a bad reputation.

And if you've been watching Teen Mom 2 for the past few years, then you probably know who we're talking about.

Leah Teen Mom 2

Leah's youngest daughter, Addie, is only seven years old, but she's got a big personality, and we see it often on the show.

She's sassy, she's never afraid to call anyone out on absolutely anything -- it's funny to watch, but probably less funny to actually deal with.

A good example of this happened in this week's episode when Addie got some gum stuck on a microphone.

In the scene, Leah was sitting in her parked car with all three of her girls, looking at her phone while they messed around in the back, and Addie can be heard telling her sisters about the gum situation.

Leah Messer and a Daughter

A crew member popped in, and she told him "I kind of ruined one of your mics."

A sound mixer came over and asked her if she put the gum on the microphone, and she said that she did, but when he asked her to take it off, she refused.

One of the producers asked her to get the gum off as well, but she asked "Why can't he?"

The sound mixer explained that she was the one who had the gum and who put the gum on his mic, so she could be the one to take care of the situation.

Leah Messer Looks Pretty

Leah, who was on her phone during this whole interaction, handed Addie an empty bag and told her to put the gum in it, and that she "knows better."

Addie whined about it, but she did end up removing the gum.

And for many viewers, it was just not a good look.

Many people criticized Addie for her behavior, and Leah for not disciplining her strongly enough, both for that incident and in general.

Leah and Kids

On Twitter, MTV shared the clip and one person commented with "It's just pitiful she behaves like this."

And that was enough for Leah to speak out.

"Just to be clear," she replied, "Addie did not intentionally put the gum on the mic. She had it on a wrapper and sat the mic down on it."

"For crying out loud, she was 6," she added.

Leah Messer on Earth

Kailyn Lowry was on Leah's side, telling her "Pay them no mind baby. They will always have sh-t to say."

It's easy to see why Leah would be annoyed with people criticizing her parenting like this -- after all, we do just see little bits of their lives on the show, and Addie is still very young.

But it's also understandable why some people might think that Leah needs to step it up a little, because we did see a couple of crew members essentially parenting Addie and teaching her a lesson about caring for other's belongings while she looked at her phone.

Do you think Leah needs to work on her parenting skills?

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