Grey's Anatomy Recap: Will Meredith Survive?

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Meredith Grey is not out of the woods.

At the top of Thursday's new episode of Grey's Anatomy, the beloved doctor seemed to be out of the woods.

By the end, however, she was back at death's door and fighting for her life.

Meredith at Death's Door

Meredith was out of her bed and tending to a Code Blue, but she passed out in one of the most surprising twists in the history of the series.

"Her stats are plummeting," said Teddy, who's been fighting tirelessly to save Meredith throughout COVID-19.

"The experimental drug doesn't reverse damage that's already occurred. She might have been on a COVID high...I think it's time."

Teddy was referring to putting Mer on a ventilator, something the surgeon was against.

Teddy Worries About Tom

Mer did not even want a hospital bed, saying earlier in the season that it should be saved for someone in a worse condition than her.

The series is following every beat of the COVID-19 pandemic, and showing how hospitals and their staff are being pushed to the limit.

Bailey fought back at Teddy about the ventilator.

"No," she said. "She said she didn't want to be on a vent."

Bailey Comforts Her Mom

"Unless it was a last resort," said Webber, who was acting as Mer's proxy.

"Meredith's lungs are at a breaking point," Teddy complained. "I know early results were good. More and more patients are surviving after they go on a vent."

"Do it," Webber confirmed.

"Sometimes when you think the storm has passed, you realize you were just in the eye of it," Meredith said in voiceover as she's put on the ventilator.

Meredith Grey in Shock

Bailey was still struggling in the aftermath of her mother's death, and the hospital was operating at surge capacity.

This found the cafeteria being shuttered to make a Covid wing because there were simply too many patients for the amount of space the hospital had.

Teddy and Owen continued to lock horns, mostly because of Teddy not wanting to own up to her mistakes.

When they are forced to work together, their rift further deepens, fueling concerns that there is no way back for them.

Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Scene

We also had Jo continuing her pursuit to change careers. Instead of working with the likes of Mer and Bailey, she wanted to be delivering babies.

Finally, DeLuca noticed Opal and her sister in the hospital parking lot. Worried that something was up, he and Carina followed them.

Will he have another breakdown, or will something much worse happen to him and Carina?

We have a lot of time to ponder because Grey's Anatomy will not be back until March.

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