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Welp, we were wrong, people.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are not having a rainbow baby after all.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are having TWO rainbow babies.

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Two days after the former Bachelor and his bride announced they were expecting a baby — several months after confirming a heart-shattering miscarriage — Arie and Lauren dropped another bombshell:


"We maaaay have left out one small detail," Lauren wrote on Instagram last ngiht when sharing her latest ultrasound photos.

Added Arie: "2 little miracles. Love them with all my heart already."

As soon as the unexpected news went viral, many residents of Bachelor Nation — including JoJo Fletcher and Ali Fedotowosky — were quick to congratulate the couple on the buns in Lauren’s oven.

"The most precious rainbow babies!" Jade Roper Tolbert wrote in the comments. "Congrats!!"

Luyendyk and Burnham — who got together on The Bachelor, after Arie dumped his original winner for his runner-up — also chronicled their visit to the doctor’s office where they found out they were expecting two babies.

In a new YouTube video, fans watched the couple appear visibly shocked as they learned the news for the very first time.

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"Many of you watched our journey through loss and our recent pregnancy announcement," the couple wrote along with the footage.

"We are so so grateful for all of the love and support from you guys! We feel so lucky."

This past Saturday, via a different YouTube video, Arie confirmed:

"We’re pregnant! We’ve known for a while and we’ve been trying to hide it."

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The blissful reveal came after Arie and Lauren talked in detail about the former’s miscarriage in late May.

We felt so awful for them at the time.

We still mourn the tragedy of this lost child, but it’s an amazing blessing that the couple can now look forward to twins arriving in the spring.

"There were a lot of nerves throughout these last 12 weeks," Arie said in Saturday’s video, saying that they waited about three months before talling anyone.

"Yeah, I thought there was going to be bad news but then there wasn’t," Burnham said along these lines.

"I had a couple of freak-outs because I feel like I have a little bit of PTSD from the miscarriage that we had earlier this year.’

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Thankfully, everything is full speed ahead now for Lauren and Arie. Fingers tightly crossed.

"I’m really happy because I think it’s going to be so cool," Arie said of the twins reveal.

"I think we always wanted three, right? Maybe not at the same time but…"

Lauren, who is the founder of the fashion label Shades of Rose, added: "I can’t believe there’s two of them."

Congratulation all around! And also: Good luck, you guys!