Rudy Giuliani Quotes My Cousin Vinny, Suffers Hair Malfunction, Provides No Evidence of Voter Fraud in Bizarre Press Conference

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Earlier this month, Rudy Giuliani meant to host a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

Instead, he booked the press conference at a business called Four Seasons Landscaping, which was located next to a sex toy shop.

This is something that really happened, and yet...

Rudy Giuliani

... Donald Trump's personal attorney still managed to top himself -- in terms of embarrassing lunacy -- on Thursday afternoon.

Standing on stage on Washington, D.C., Giuliani assailed the election results that proved Joe Biden had defeated President Trump to become the next Commander-in-Chief.

Even Trump has admitted he lost.

The most important takeaway from this gathering is that no one has provided a shred of evidence of any sort of voter fraud and that Trump is trying to undermine the American democracy to rally his base and salvage his ego.

rudy lawyer

It's wildly dangerous and truly appalling all around.

But a different sort of takeaway, which is what social media users focused on amid this epically bizarre press conference, was Giuliani's tone and appearance.

Just look at the photos above and below, for starters.

At one point, while talking to reporters, Giuliani started sweating so badly that his hair dye ran down his face.

rudy g

Elsewhere, the former New York Mayor said Biden's election was part of a Venezuelan coup plot... and quoted the movie My Cousin Vinny.

He said the 1992 Joe Pesci courtroom comedy was "one of my favorite law movies" and then he did an impression of the main character.

"When the nice lady, who said she saw... and he, uh, he says to her, 'How many fingers do I got up?' -- and she says, 'uh, three...' well she was too far away, to see it was only two.

"These people are further away than my cousin Vinny was from the witness."

In case it's somehow unclear, Giuliani was referencing poll watchers on Election Day in this analogy, alleging they weren't permitted to come close enough to see the supposed voting shenanigans unfold.

rudy 1

The director of My Cousin Vinny, Jonathan Lynn, was one of many who responded to Giuliani with aghast and confusion (and jokes!), telling The Hollywood Reporter:

"I regard Giuliani's praise of My Cousin Vinny as generous from the man who is currently giving the Comedy Performance of the Year."

To be clear, once again, Biden won 306 electoral votes.

Trump and his legal team, though, are desperately trying to find ways to literally reverse the will of the American voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by having government officials overturn the votes of their citizens.

rudy 2

On what grounds?

"You're actually seriously going to want me to take seriously the secretary of state of Michigan when the secretary of state of Michigan never bothered to find out that the votes in her state were being counted in Germany by a Venezuelan company?" Giuliani screamed.

"And you want me to take her seriously or him seriously?

"I mean, I was in government -- if I were the governor of that state, I'd fire everybody that was involved in this election."

What more proof do you need than that, people?!?

rudy 3

Giuliani baselessly claimed at another point that there was a "plan from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud."

He claimed the scheme was "specifically focused on big cities" with a "long history of corruption."

And, wouldn't you know it! All of these cities are controlled by "Democrat bosses!"

Oh, and mail-in ballots are "particularly prone to fraud," Giuliani erroneously said, adding:

"What I’m describing to you is a massive fraud. It isn’t a little, teeny one."

rudy 4

The thing is, Giuliani looked so ridiculous... he sounded so mentally unstable... that most observers only ridiculed the attorney after this wacky appearance.

That's a good thing in one sense. It's definitely a good thing from the point of view of a celebrity gossip website that needs viral content.

But for the country?

rudy dyed

Which relies on a peaceful transition of power?

And which has certain bedrocks of democracy in place that are meant to keep it from becoming some sort of dictatorship, all of which Trump is now trying to demolish because he's a narcissistic sociopath?

This is all so very bad.

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