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Kailyn Lowry is very happy to talk about her kids.

And also her exes.

But there’s one person about whom the Teen Mom 2 star rarely speaks, despite the unique and very personal nature of their relationship.

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We write here of Kailyn’s mom, Suzi Irwin.

Absent frrom Lowry’s life for many years, Suzi did make an appearance (sort of) this past season on the aforementioned MTV franchise, calling her daughter to say Kailyn’s grandmother had passed away.

Lowry’s reaction at the time?

"I’m fine. I’m actually shocked you are calling me right now because I actually didn’t know if you were dead or alive."

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

Suzi alleged on this call that she had sent Kailyn and her grandkids a bunch of letters and messages, but Lowry wasn’t having it.

"You don’t get to just pop up whenever you feel like it and you don’t get to call whenever you feel like it and you don’t get to send gifts whenever you feel like it," said an irate Kailyn.

"You don’t get to do that."

No real surprise that Kailyn isn’t close (at all) with her mom, is it?

Kail Cries on Teen Mom 2

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, meanwhile, the topic of parent-teacher conferences came up… which brought Kailyn back to her troubled childhood.

"I only remember in my entire school life – like you know, how when parents have to go to the conference, we would have to sit outside the classroom when they talked – so I only remember my mom going to a parent-teacher conference once in my whole existence," she said.



Kailyn Lowry Instagram Image

"I don’t even know if my mom ever went. My mom never kept up with this sh-t," Lowry continued on air.

"I think, from the first grade, I’d bring homework home and never got it done because my mom never checked my backpack.

Kailyn then talked about how the first time her mom ever went into her school was when she was either in middle school or high school — and it being "so awkward," explaining:

"My mom has never even attempted to get me to a good place, so I was embarrassed.

"I felt like it was such a scam and that it was super fake, and that she didn’t actually care about my school and then she’d punish me."

Kailyn Lowry and Four Kids

Lowry has previously said she hasn’t seen her dad since 2009, and that she’s happier without either of her parents in her life at this point.

"You have to be consistent, you have to be present and you have to be active all the time," she said this summer, laying out the rules for her mother.

"I didn’t get cards for them, but if I did get cards for my kids, they don’t know who the f–k you are. My son is two years old and has never met you," Lowry also told her absentee parent.

"You have one child and three grandsons that have not heard from you in years. Years. Let that sink in."

Kailyn Lowry Shines In 2020

You can go ahead and say what you want about Kailyn and some of the decision she has made over the years.

Lord knows that this celebrity gossip website has.

But you also must acknowledge her past and her broken relationships with both parents.

It’s all related, you know?

And it’s important to keep context in mind when thinking of passing judgment on anyone.