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When we were first introduced to Yolanda Leak, she was being catfished by "Williams," a fictitious bodybuilder.

Since then, she moved on to a man so real that he’s also a reality star. Now, she appears to have a brand new man.

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Okay, a quick rewind, because Yolanda’s love life can seem a little baffling even with context.

Yolanda was flirting with a muscular man whom she believed to be British, citing his dreamy "British accent."

His accent was not even remotely British. In fact, many fans observed that he sounded Nigerian.

Yolanda Makes a Phone Call

The photos that "Williams" supplied of himself were easily traced to a real-world bodybuilder and model.

Nonetheless, it took Yolanda some time to accept that the man who was chatting her up was pretend.

Some fans think that she was feigning ignorance in an effort to stay on the show so that she could use her fame to sell her book.

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But eventually, she did wise up about Williams, thanks in part to a catfishing expert who took part in the Tell All.

Yolanda did not remain single for long, however.

Soon, she was chatting up a new man — one who was no stranger to reality television himself.

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Josh Seiter competed on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette.

He has claimed that he happened to spot Yolanda in public, was captivated by her, and had no idea that she was a reality star until he added her on social media.

Some find that, coupled with their 20 year age gap, a little hard to swallow.

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Five days of talking later, the two began officially dating.

Things got even weirder when Josh decided to propose to Yolanda.

In fact, he showed off the ring on social media before actually popping the question. What?!?!

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Yolanda accepted the proposal … on Instagram.

But also on Instagram, she shared this curious collage of photos.

They appear to show her with a new man … literally two days after she and Josh were gushing over each other.

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"’Dating’ is not a bad thing…… I guess!! A girl as my “daughter” tells me has to keep her OPTIONS open!" Yolanda captions the photos.

Now, we cannot verify that Yolanda is the one featured kissing the man, and some have speculated that it is her daughter.

But things got even weirder when she shared a video of this masked man saying: "I had a very nice time with you last night, Yolanda. And I hope to see you soon."

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So you see that and you figure, sure, okay, they broke up and she’s seeing a new man … instantly.

Except that she and Josh are both posting big block text posts about not listening to "rumors."

Fans are begging her to make it make sense. And so is Avery Warner, who went into Yolanda’s comments for clarification … but did not receive it.

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"Who kissing him?? U need my glasses I see," Yolanda vaguely replied.

"What…..FYI not that it’s ur business, me and Josh r FOREVA connected," she wrote in another comment.

"I [five red heart emojis] Josh to moon and back," Yolanda wrote again.

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Avery did not get the clarification that she sought, but she did get an earful from 90 Day Fiance fans who are disgusted by her support for Trump and by her proud covidiocy.

The rest of us are left wondering for clarification. Is Yolanda saying that this man isn’t with her?

Did she and Josh break up but she still has love for him? Is she dating this man and Josh at the same time? We’re all for polyamory but we’d like to know.