Little People, Big World: What Do We Know About the Season Ahead?

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It's nearly impossible to believe, but it's true:

Little People, Big World is about to kick off its 21st season on TLC.

We're not kidding, folks: 21 seasons!

Tori and Zach for TLC

The cable network announced last month that Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and company will return with brand new episodes on Tuesday, September 29 at 8/7c.

Upon confirming this exciting piece of news, producers released a teaser that read as follows:

It’s the end of an era on LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD, as Amy prepares to say goodbye to the farm for good. 

But while she’s officially moving off the farm, she still co-owns part of it with Matt, who is eager to get everything settled between them in terms of ownership.

Amy and Chris on Air

Meanwhile, this same press release states:

Zach and Tori are experiencing the joys and challenges of parenthood with baby Lilah and Jackson, making sure both children are getting the care and attention they need.

The new episodes also offer a glimpse into how the Roloff’s world is impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, from a quarantine birthday party to the stress of moving in the middle of a pandemic.

Speaking to Caryn

When the show started way back in 2006, Matt and Amy were married.

Jacob and Molly Roloff were key parts of the cast.

So were Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Oh, and there were no grandkids in the picture!

Amy on an Episode

Over the past 14 years, a lot has changed, of course.

Molly left for Washington and got married and now lives a happy quiet life away from the spotlight.

Jacob was estranged from his loved ones for a bit after quitting in 2016 and trashing both the show and his family as fake -- although he's since reconciled (and also gotten married) and will make the occasional cameo.

Audrey and Jeremy, meanwhile, left do their own thing two years ago.

Wedding Invite Talk

So, what can we expect from fall episodes?

As previewed above, Matt and Amy will continue to clash over the latter's role on the farm, which has been reduced even greater over the past few weeks after she sold even more of her land to her ex-husband.

Tori and Zach will be adjusting to life with two kids, the latter of whom will give them a pretty gigantic health scare.

Amy will be planning a wedding to Chris Marek, and Matt will be pondering a proposal to Caryn Chandler.

We can also report that the season premeire will be titled "To Sell or Not to Sell," a reference, we're certain, to Matt looking ahead and wondering what to do wiith the farm.

Is he really committed to it long term?

Might he prefer to move full-time to Arizona and retire?

And could one of his sons swoop in and purchase the property from his father?

We honestly don't know the answers to these questions.

But we'll be tuning in to find out!

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