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After Denise Richards admitted to lying on the RHOBH season finale, Lisa Rinna snapped.

But now, trolls are giving her a hard time for "betraying" her friend in her hour of need. Lisa doesn’t care for that at all.

Lisa Rinna is Taken Aback

Lisa Rinna is facing off with Denise Richards stans and with people who just plain don’t like her.

See, it all comes down to her actions on this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

There came a point where she could no longer believe a word coming out of her own friend’s mouth.

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But fans have accused Lisa of backstabbing Denise in a calculated move to make herself central to the storyline.

These critics have been hounding Lisa on social media … and this week, in a now-deleted post, she let them have it.

"All you nasty [expletives]," Lisa addressed this gaggle of trolls.

Lisa Rinna Gets Real at the Season 10 Reunion

"I don’t give a [expletive] what you think about me," Lisa told the mobs of haters.

Those are bold words for a reality star and businesswoman. Some try to curry favor with every last fan for their careers.

"So," she instructed, "don’t waste mine or your time."

Lisa Rinna in a Kitchen

"Go give back," Lisa advised these hellclowns, tellin ghtem to "go spread love."

"Go volunteer and go help people," she suggested.

Don’t instead focus on attacking her over how good of a friend she may or may not have been nearly a year ago.

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"Shut the [expletive] up," Lisa emphasized to the hordes of haters.

She then quipped: "You live behind a screen and your karma is bad."

That line made us laugh, but we can’t promise that we won’t be using it in the near future.

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Lisa’s fallout with Denise in the season finale centered upon the discovery that Denise had not only lied to castmates, but to producers.

Her "family emergency" claim wasn’t exactly believed by everyone, but there was at least a chance that it was legit.

Instead, Denise admitted to Lisa that it had been a lie to get out of going — which did not sit well with her longtime friend.

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Lisa told Denise that, first of all, she’d had them worried. What if it had been an emergency?

Second, it was kind of chickens–t of Denise to miss out on the finale event, Brandi or no Brandi.

Lisa told her to her face that she should have, if she wanted to be believed, discussed things with Brandi right away.

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But also … Lisa was just having an increasingly difficult time believing anything that Denise had to say.

She saw Brandi’s texts for herself. That was a year or more of communications between … friends … in her eyes.

Denise can say whatever she wants about apps used to fake texts, but Lisa and her castmates didn’t appear to buy it.

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Yes, Lisa may have had a bit of a strong reaction when she lashed out at her critics.

She’s a Real Housewife, not some sort of serene priestess who greets insults and attacks with a smile.

If Lisa responded to every single thing calmly and reasonably, she wouldn’t have the reality career that she has.

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If someone wants to believe Denise’s version of events over Brandi’s, that’s fine! (Would you be interested in purchasing a bridge?)

But you have to at least understand why Lisa was so incredulous in the face of Denise’s scandal.

If Denise was telling the truth … well, at times when her stories weren’t contradictory … then she didn’t do a great job at being convincing. And her friends felt that they simply could not trust her word.