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Even thoroughly debunking the claims that Larissa Lima staged her ICE detention hasn’t stopped her haters from doing what they do.

To stem the tide of trolls, Larissa took her Instagram private this week.

Larissa Lima is FREE
Photo via Instagram

On Saturday, September 19, Larissa Lima was temporarily detained by ICE, alarming her loved ones and countless fans.

One of her greatest fears is to have her life turned upside down and dreams destroyed by being deported back to Brazil.

Thankfully, after quick action by legal team, Larissa was released after ICE apparently couldn’t find anything with which to charge her.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

Larissa and Eric were soon on their way to Colorado Springs, where they had just purchased a house.

They have spent the past week getting situated in their new home and getting to know their new community.

Though her real life may be looking up, things are not going as well online.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

Wild conspiracy theories have cropped up, as they sometimes do when a fandom is bored and enough members have brainrot.

Some have been insisting that Larissa made up the whole incident in order to get attention or publicity for her move, or perhaps simply as a ploy for sympathy.

And people who are particularly vicious have been gleefully celebrating the idea that Larissa might lose everything for the crime of having been born somewhere else.

Photo via Mikael Rich

Specifically, people have harasses Larissa on and off for a very long time about the fact that she has two children in Brazil.

(A person has gone on social media claiming that she has three children; I suspect that it’s a complicated situation, but it makes sense to go with Larissa’s number)

They accuse her of being a "bad mom" by doing what she can to start up a new life in which she can financially support the children who are not in her custody.

So Larissa’s social media feed has been a nightmare as haters bombard her with the usual harassment coupled with an unhinged and debunked conspiracy theory.

This week, likely in response to this aggressive and vile trolling, Larissa set her Instagram to private.

This is something that she has done before, but it’s not something that any reality star does likely.

Photo via Instagram

Gradually, the reality star economy has been transitioning from Instagram ads (they still exist, but are under greater scrutiny) to services like Cameos.

So more reality stars now than in the past can afford to take a few days being invisible to anyone who doesn’t currently follow them.

Larissa already has well over 600,000 followers, so it’s not like this move cut her off from her haters — it just made sure that she can more effectively block people who write horrible things in comments.

Photo via Instagram

We are glad that Larissa took the space that she needed for herself.

As of Friday afternoon, her Instagram is once again open for public viewing.

To those of us who have diligently followed her since 2018, this may have gone unnoticed. 

Photo via Instagram

To people who hate-check her page every day because that’s easier than working on their personal problems, it’s once again open season.

Fortunately, Larissa is a tough person who has been through a lot of traumatic events and still keeps going.

She shouldn’t have to endure waves of hate and vitriol, but she can.