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Kelly Dodd is not a sheep, you guys.

She really wants you to know that.

This said (by Dodd herself), the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member is definitely full of sh-t.

Kelly Dodd in Beverly Hills

For those who have been following the onslaught of dumb, ignorant and insensitive words that have recently come out of Dodd’s mouth, her latest message should not come as a surprise.

In an exchange with an Instagram follower this week, Dodd once again delved into the topic of COVID-19.

This is a subject on which the Bravo personality has been especially critical and doubtful, ever since the virus started to spread liike deadly wildfire around the country.

But we need not be afraid of it any longer, Dodd now proclaims.

"It’s not a pandemic anymore!! Did you read the CDC numbers!!" wrote Dodd, as you can see above, adding of why she may sound a little different from others when it comes to a virus that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans:

"My platform isn’t to be a sheep my platform is to be an independent thinker!"

Oh. Well. Okay then, Kelly.

Kelly Dodd on a Boat

For the record, the CDC stated that 6,287,362 American residents had been infected by the coronavirus as of September 8.

Surges and spikes are continuing to be seen in college towns across the country, as universities open up campuses for school and older teenagers ignore mask mandates and party like it’s 1999.

Because, you know, there was no coronavirus in 1999.

Dodd, for her part, would likely cheer oon these students if she could.

Kelly Dodd Wants to

A few days before her latest quote on the topic, Dodd blasted the concept of wearing a mask in at least one public setting.

"Putting on a mask to walk ten feet through a restaurant and then taking it off when I get to my table is one of the dumbest things I’ve done in my entire life and I’ve done a lot of dumb things," she proudly wrote on Instagram.

In late May, meanwhile, Dodd said COVID-19 wasn’t killing anyone in Orange County.

So why should she care about it, you know?

"No one is wearing a mask," she said excitedly in a video at the time. "I love it. Yay!

"Nobody’s dying here, of the virus," she added, making a very false statement.

Previously to uttering this remark, Dodd told people to suck it up and get over all the death, and also defied stay-at-home orders to get a vaginal rejuvenation.

We really wish we were making that up.

Photo via Instagram

A plethora of Bravo viewers have been calling for Dodd to be fired and even threatening to boycott the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But such complaints clearly aren’t affecting Dodd.

We wouldn’t even be surprised if producers are encouraging her to continually make polarizing comments in order to garner attention and produce potential ratings.

To wit, Dodd just shared the following video and headline on Instagram:

Moreover, the network has Dodd listed as a featured player on Season 15, which premieres on Wednesday, October 7 at 9/8c.

Based on the official synopsis, this is what viewers can expect from her this fall:

Starting the year off on a high following her engagement to Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal, Kelly is eager to settle into their new home in Newport as she waits for him to officially get transferred to the L.A. bureau.

During stay-at-home orders, Kelly makes waves among the ladies when she jet-sets around the country visiting New York City, the Hamptons, and Miami.

As the election looms, Kelly’s political beliefs and tone-deaf jokes threaten her relationships with the women.

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