Jill Duggar Video Sends Family Into Panic Mode: She Must Be Stopped!

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Jill Duggar has officially sent her famous family members into full-on crisis mode.

And she did so, it seems, by simply being honest, candid and explaining how her thinkinf has evolved when it comes to certain areas of life.

Jill Duggar and Husband Together

Last week, Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, released a video titled "Q&A: Babies, Pants, Nose Ring, Tattoos, & Faith!"

As you might expect, based on that title, the footage featured the parents of two just sitting down on a sofa and talking about, well... babies, pants, nose rings, tattoos and their faith.

Jill, as has been the case more and more of late, openly talked about these kinds of personal subjects and how her view on them is now a little different than the views of her parents.

Jill Duggar and Her Derick

"I think that some of the decisions that we've made, I probably, even if I liked something before, maybe wouldn't have done it because of maybe some of the backlash that I would get or something from people close to me or something," Jill admitted on camera.

She didn't get into a ton of specifics.

But Jill has her nose pierced.

She recently drank alcohol during a night out.

She posed in some revealing swimsuits.

Jill and Her Derick

With Derick on the constant attack against Jim Bob and his controlling ways, Jill has more recently made it clear that she's on her husband's side.

"I hate confrontation, so maybe I would have avoided it," she said about not wanting to rock the family boat back in the day, adding of what's changed of late:

"I think just growing as a person and growing closer together as a couple is helpful.

"So when Derick told me he was cool with me getting my nose pierced whenever I was talking about it with him one day, I was like, 'Really, you like it?'"

Jill and Derick on YouTube

And that's all it took from Jill: The blessing of her husband.

This is unheard of for members of her family, of course.

Women are not supposed to make any decisions independent of their mother or father. Heck, they aren't supposed to make any decisions that don't involve child birth, really.

With Jill rebelling against her family and making it evident that she doesn't need the approval of her mom or dad to move forward in her life... some of Jill's siblings are suddenly trying to send the opposite message.

Jill Duggar Drinks Coffee

Mere hours after Jill and Derick posted their video, Jinger and Jessa quickly appeared on Instagram Live.

These sisters appeared with their husbands -- Jeremy Vuolo and Ben Seewald -- for a chat in front of thousands of fans, discussing their bond and subtly making it clear that Jill doesn't speak for them.

Jeremy, meanwhile, also promoted the podcast he hosts with Jinger tiitled "The Hope We Hold."

The podcast is for young, Christian couples... and Jessa and Ben will be their guests on the next installment.

Jill Duggar Drinks!

Did Jim Bob and Michelle send these kids out to do some damage control?

In the wake of Jill coming across as very un-Christian (in their eyes, that is), might these parents of 19 have panicked and ordered two of their better-behaving children to go out there and emphasize the Duggar family values?

So that Jill is therefore painted as the black, naughty sheep?

Seems quite possible, if not even downright likely, doesn't it?

Jill Duggar Breaks the Dress Code Rules

We aren't the only ones saying this, either.

“So Jill does a Q&A.

"So Judgy Jessa gets you to do this Q&A just to rub it in what great sisters you are to each other and not to her,” one critic wrote online.

“Seems like damage control. I expect this from Jessa but not from you, Jinger. This was just petty and sad. You all wonder why people are Team Jill... it’s stuff like this.”

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