Big Brother Recap: A Legend Returns!

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Big Brother's terrible "All-Stars" season continued Thursday in predictable fashion. 

The episode picked up following Da'Vonne's speech in which she called out the men of the house, including David.

Her drive to stay in the game has diminished in recent weeks, largely because she knows a large alliance is running things. 

Da'Vonne and Kevin on Big Brother

However, she wanted to make sure she had Dani and Nicole voting in her favor in case there was a chance to make things work. 

Da'Vonne explained in the Diary Room that she has had to lay low in the house, and does not feel like the same person she was before entering. 

She's being quiet because she would not get the same leeway as the white players, but she maintains that she is not going to be getting too close to anyone in the house. 

Da'Vonne said she had to trust David again because if she could get the three votes between him, Dani, and Nicole, she could have a chance in the game. 

Da'Vonne Rogers

Kevin, bless his heart, started to realize there was more to the vote than he or Da'Vonne could understand, prompting Da'Vonne to ask Nicole again. 

Nicole said she did not know about it, and that David must not have voted with them. Poor Da'Vonne believed every single beat of the lies. 

Memphis was thinking of the future, so he asked Enzo to join a final three with him, Enzo, and Christmas, and another with him, Enzo, and Cody. 

Memphis is probably one of the most hated players, so he will not make it much further. 

Memphis on Big Brother

Dani schemed to try to keep Da'Vonne in the game, but it only raised her target further. 

Da'Vonne gave a speech at the live vote about the history of African American players in the game and how they rarely make it far. 

She said she wanted to have a winner "that looks like me."

Nicole and Dani were the only two who voted to evict David. Shocker!

Da'Vonne learned about the vote during her chat with Julie and she was conflicted. She wanted to believe David, but Nicole told her he was the rogue vote. 

Will Kirby

It was a big mess, and Da'Vonne has probably cut Nicole off for good. 

In the aftermath, Dr. Will was revealed as the houseguest living next door, and he said that there would be plenty of twists and turns with him in the game. 

Julie closed off the episode by revealing a triple eviction would take place next Thursday, so that's something to look forward to, we guess. 

The Committee will finally be disbanded. 

What do you think of all the twists and turns?

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