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We’ve all been there, Tori Roloff.

We’ve all felt like terrible parents at times, even if we’re trying our hardest and even if have the very best of intentions.

That said, we haven’t all walked our child around for nearly a half hour with a giant creature inching ever closer to her head…

Tori, Zach and Lilah
Photo via Instagram

We kid, of course, but Roloff wasn’t joking around at all when she used social media this week to relay a recent harrowing experience.

Wrote the reality star:

"To the guy at the orenco farmers market that heard me scream and start crying and stopped to find out I found a spider on the back of my stroller after my daughter had been in it for 20 min and killed it and loaded it into my car:

"Thank you."

Photo via Instagram

Continued Tori:

"You saved my day. You also kept me from straight up leaving my stroller on the side of the road."


We’d have equally freaked out if this happened to us, of course, but we’d like to think Tori shared the story to get a laugh out of her followers.

She then concluded:

"Also. I’m embarrassed. How am I an adult?"

Again, we think Roloff is mostly just making a quip at her own expense here… but there’s likely some truth to the admission.

As we noted at the outset of this article, every single parent alive has felt like a failure at times. All you can do is try, you know?

Tori and Children

And there’s no doubt that Tori tries every waking second.

She actually grew unusually irate at critics a month ago after she felt like she was being parent-shamed online.

"I am not responsible for teaching the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issue," Tori said to open a lengthy caption at the time, adding:

"However, it is my privilege to have a platform where I can share information on things I find important like dwarfism or a pandemic or other global issues."

Photo via Instagram

"I did not chose to be in the public eye," Tori continued in this pointed message.

"I fell in love and I chose my husband then and I choose him every day since.

"This all comes along with him and our family and I feel like I’ve done a damn good job of being the best I can be."

5 Years Strong!
Photo via Instagram

Wrapping up her trashing of these trolls, Tori wrote in mid-July:

"I don’t owe you anything.

‘You don’t own me. You can’t manipulate me. This is my instagram and I can choose what I want to share. If this doesn’t sit well with you… I’m sorry.

"It’s not my job to change your mind."

Photo via Instagram

Amen, right?

We continue to applaud Tori and to admire all the ways she has handled parenthood.

We don’t envy this spider interaction, though, LOL.