Jessa Duggar: Did She Really Feed Her Kids Snails and Slugs?

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Like so many other famous mothers out there, Jessa Duggar often gets parent-shamed.

And, just like so many other famous mothers out there, Jessa Duggar does not deserve to get parent-shamed.

Except, well...

Jessa Duggar and Her Henry

... if she and husband Ben Seewald really spent some time this week digging through the dirt and finding some insects to feed to their two sons then we simply can offer no defense.

Shame away, trolls!

Random people around the Internet are under the impression that Jessa did actually choose this unhealthy snack for soons Henry and Spurgeon after the reality star shared a video on Instagram and YouTube.

Be warned if you check it out down below -- the featured content comes across as pretty disgusting!

ben eats

"After watching some episodes of Man vs. wild, Spurgeon was inspired to forage the backyard for food," wrote Jessa as an introductory caption to this footage, adding:

"All on his own, he set a few traps to catch his dinner, so we decided to turn it into some family fun and go grub hunting -- and eating."

After seeing these two toddlers all excited to chow down on some "grub," social media users were grossed out.


“Look up the story of one guy who ate a slug on a dare, got rat lungworm disease and died,” one fan urged oof Jessa. “Do not just eat snails and slugs you pick off of the ground!”

A second chimed in as follows:

“Surprising that Ben would even ‘promote’ this with the boys! Likely not a good idea with little ones!”

And a third added:

“People have been left brain-damaged eating snails and slugs that may have crawled through snail bait. Just picking one up and eating it is crazy to show two small children."

Son Snuggling

Here's the thing, though:

Jessa and Ben absolutely did not feed their children bugs, you gullible dolts!

Instead -- after, yes, simply picking up and discarding some real-life snails -- Ben picked up some cocoa powder-covered candy worms that he had previously planted in the backyard.

He basically played a prank on his little kids.

And on lots of people around the World Wide Web, too, apparently.

The only real surprise here is that Seewald isn't the type to typically pick food out of the dirt and consume it.

“I am SHOCKED that germaphobe Ben was okay with even the suggestion [of] eating raw bugs,” one fan wrote, adding in shock:

“I have to laugh after seeing how paranoid Ben was about eating a watermelon from the grocery store floor, and now he’s eating grubs!”

Jessa with the Fam

That's a very different point to make or question to ask, at least, versus questioning the merits of Jessa and Ben as parents.

They're doing the best they can, okay? Just like every other mom and dad out there.

So instead of slamming them online, let's go back to speculating wildly and ask the truly important thing here:

Is Jessa pregnant again?

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