Kylie Jenner Gushes Over Travis Scott in Glowing Father's Day Tribute

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In advance of Father's Day, Kylie and Kendall Jenner showered their dad, Caitlyn Jenner, with Father's Day praise.

On the day itself, Kylie had more to say -- including warm words for Travis Scott.

Travis and Kylie at 2019 Grammys

Most people Kylie Jenner's age either spend Father's Day making token gestures to their dads, or have no fathers to speak of.

Kylie has a great relationship with her father, Caitlyn Jenner.

She is also a mom herself, which means that there will always be another important father in her life -- her baby daddy.

On Sunday, she took to Instagram to hype up Travis Scott for Father's Day, even though he is her ex.

Travis and Stormi

"Happy father's day @travisscott," Kylie gushes on her Instagram Stories.

She praised him as "the best daddy to our daughter."

Kylie included a photo of Travis with their daughter, Stormi.

Stormi turned two in February. She is 28 months old.

Kylie Jenner IG post Travis Scott father's day 2020

While Kylie was paying tribute to the man who knocked her up, Travis himself was spending time being a father.

He and Stormi had a day full of fun and adventures together, some of which he chronicled in his own Instagram Stories.

At nearly two-and-a-half, Stormi is old enough to be forming early memories.

But even if she does not remember yesterday, the valuable emotional bonding between father and daughter will contribute to a lifetime of love.

Travis Scott IG Stories father's day 2020

"I'm slowly but surely starting to accept the fact that storm is a daddy's girl," Kylie has previously acknowledged.

"But whatever." she declared at the time, "we went half on greatness!"

Kylie described Stormi as "the most beautiful, smart, loving and funny little baby, the best gift."

"Ok i'm crying," she confessed. "Love you forever!"

Travis Scott Cradles Baby Stormi Webster

Travis and Kylie are not currently believed to be dating.

That said, back in April, Kylie paid tribute to Travis on his birthday.

Because of how she gushed about him as a man and a father, she once again stirred rumors that they are back together.

Realistically, they will face those rumors until they fully move on with new significant others ... and likely, even after.

Travis With Little Stormi

Travis was not the only father in Kylie's life to whom she paid tribute.

She also gave a shoutout to Caitlyn Jenner for Father's Day.

"Happy dads day," Kylie posted on her Instagram.

Succinctly, she gushed: "love you."

Kylie andn Cait

As we first reported years ago, Cait has told her children that they can always call her "dad," because she will always be their father.

Some trans folks keep the titles that they have had, others change them.

That is a personal choice for Caitlyn to make, and she made it, and her children are honoring her wishes.

Kylie and her siblings love Cait for who she is. Besides, Cait wouldn't want to rob Kris of her Mother's Day spotlight.

Caitlyn Jenner on Father's  Day

"My dad has always been an inspiration to me," Kylie gushed last week.

She praised Caitlyn's accomplishments "from winning the gold medal at the Olympics to getting her pilot’s license."

"However," Kylie raved, "watching her live out her true self has been the most inspiring of them all."

Very well said. Cait has been inspirational to many people.

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