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Amy Duggar was already on thin ice when she condemned racism while implying that the rest of her extended family may feel different.

Now, she may be in even more trouble after revealing that Jim Bob controls everything that she says … with an NDA.

Amy and Daxton

Amy King went on Instagram Live to chat with fans directly.

She was clearly enjoying herself and in a good, even playful mood during the livestream.

On Instagram Live, fans can type messages in real time in the hopes that their messages will be read.

One fan decided to write a bold message, begging Amy to "rescue Jana."

Amy did begin speaking about her cousin.

However, at this point, an unidentified member of her family spoke out, cutting her off.

"You have an NDA!" the family member reminded her.

"Stop!" Amy countered, warning her family member: "You’re going to get us in trouble!"

There’s no question of why a fan would implore Amy to rescue Jana.

Jana is treated as a servant by her parents. She has no real control over her life because she is unmarried.

But confirmation that Amy has an NDA is huge news.

That said, it is something that has long been suspected.

Hello, Daxton!

Previously, Amy had done an interview with Without a Crystal Ball, a YouTube show hosted by Katie Joy.

"I had the chance to speak with Amy Duggar King," Katie later remarked.

"While this video was premiering," she revealed. "I received a message from Amy that someone wanted the video down. Someone."

Clearly, Katie was drawing attention to the fact that she could not disclose who had ordered the interview scrapped.

Amy Duggar Kisses Dillon

"When I found out shortly after this video went live and while it was premiering that this video would need to come down," Katie shared.

"I was shocked," she admitted, emphasizing: "Nothing was said negatively at all about this family."

Katie Joy then took to Twitter to say something else.

Without context, she wrote: "I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again… ‘A woman’s voice should never be silenced.’"

Amy Duggar with Her Husband

Amy is free to speak her mind on other topics, at least.

"F Racism," Amy wrote recently. "I could have typed that several different ways, but lets all agree it just needs to stop."

"Are you having any uncomfortable convos with your family?" one fan demanded. "Are you being actively anti-racist? Just curious."

"My family as in Dillon & I do not have one racist bone in our body," Amy replied. "And we will teach Daxton to love all people as well!"

Amy King Picture

The implication, of course, was that there may be other members of her family who may feel differently.

At the very least, Amy did not even feel at liberty to confirm that the rest of her extended family is anti-racist, which is … troubling.

Amy stopped appearing on reality TV in 2017, which means that it is unthinkable that TLC could have her under an NDA, right?

That leads fans to one conclusion.

Jim Bob Duggar Speaks and Michelle Duggar Listens

Jim Bob, Amy’s controlling fundamentalist uncle, in keeping with his need to keep his brand squeaky clean, had her sign one.

Amy may be financially compensated — we don’t know. It may be that she signed the NDA only to be allowed to interact with her relatives.

As we all know, Jim Bob insists upon being the filter between his adult children and the outside world. Why should Amy be any different?

Jim Bob’s daughters to stray too far from his mandates end up disinvited from his home — like Jill.