Kylie Jenner Flaunts Curves on Instagram Following Drake Diss: Still Think I'm a Side Piece?

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In 2019, Kylie Jenner earned the distinction of being named the world's youngest self-made billionaire.

But as we were reminded this week, despite Kylie's success in business, there are certain people who always see her first and foremost as a sex symbol.

Drake, Kylie Jenner Split

Earlier this week, longtime Kar-Jenner family friend Drake referred to Kylie as a "side piece" in a previously unreleased track.

Drizzy was quick to apologize for the lyric and says he never had any intention of making the song public.

(The collaboration with Future only became public knowledge when it was played during a live DJ set on Instagram Wednesday night.)

Still, fans wondered how Kylie might have felt about such a crude comment, especially since it came from such a close friend.

Kylie Jenner-Drake

In all likelihood, Kylizzle was unaffected by the lyric.

It seems it was not intended to wound, and as one of the few people on the planet who's more famous than Drake, she can really just laugh that sort of thing off.

Still, she decided the next morning that the time was right for some seriously racy selfies.

Was she motivated by a need to assert her confidence after being publicly dissed?

Kylie on a Zoom Call

Fans seem to think so, but really, this is evidence of just another day in the life of Kylie.

Kylie's quarantine content has been lauded as some of the best on Instagram.

Whether she's snapping boozy late-night selfies or twerking in a bikini, Kylie knows how to give the people what they want.

Maybe she had Drake on her mind while she was posing for these pics -- but more likely, she was just bored duing a Zoom call.

Kylie Jenner In a Bodysuit

"My days are made up of zoom meetings and playing dress up," she captioned one photo.

"This is me on my online class trying to make the teacher give me an a!!!!" one fan hilariously commented.

Yes, apparently, this is how Kylie dresses while discussing her billion-dollar media empire, which is just one of the things fans love about her.

As for that Drake line -- well, there's no reason to believe Kylie is dwelling on it -- or is there?

Kylie on a Call

"In love with a fantasy," she captioned one photo.

Is that a shot at Drake?

Is Kylie saying that she's the fantasy he's in love with?

Probably not -- but it's fun to imagine.

That's the fantasy we're in love with.

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