Samantha Markle: Meghan Is "Disgusting" For Abandoning Her Family During the Pandemic!

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As you're surely aware, the entire world is currently grappling with the worst public health crisis in modern history.

It's time like these when unlikely heroes emerge, and craven opportunists show their true colors.

Sam and Meghan

Guess which category Samantha Markle belongs to!

Yes, if you know anything about Meghan Markle's painful past and dysfunctional family, you know that her wicked half-sister Samantha is a key player in both.

The 55-year-old failed actress has been shrieking for attention and publicly vilifying her sister ever since the early days of Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry.

But lately, she's really ramped up her efforts to make a career out of destroying her sister's reputation.

Samantha Markle

Ever since Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior members of the royal family, Samantha has been working overtime to extend her infamy into its sixteenth minute.

She's accomplishing this, of course, by doing the only thing she's ever shown any talent for -- launching bitter tirades against her much more successful sibling.

First, Samantha called Meghan a brat for stepping away from the spotlight -- this, after she spent years deriding her as a fame-hungry, social-climbing clout chaser.

Our Duchess

Now, Samantha is on the offensive yet again, speaking with whatever media outlets will have her -- this time, it's a London-based drive-time radio show.

Her favorite topic these days is Harry and Meghan's response to the coronavirus pandemic, which she argues has been insufficient at best, and dangerous at worst.

"Harry and Meghan don't seem to care about families or people around them. Their self-preservation is quite disgusting," Sam told DJ Dan Wooton this week.

"They can throw stones all they want but they are the biggest hypocrites out there now."

Sam Markle

Samantha goes on to claim that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "abandoned" their families -- even though they left the UK well before it was in any way affected by the coronavirus.

"It's a devastating pandemic, the idea of abandoning their families without so much of a phone call is just shocking," Sam ranted.

"And now to abandon the British people and the royal family at such a critical time it is almost, it takes me back to the colosseum in Roman times," Samantha said.

"It just seems so horribly cruel."

Whispering to Meghan

Yes, in case you doubted her gift for ludicrous hyperbole, Samantha went ahead and compared Meghan Markle to freakin' Caligula.

From there, she parroted the nonsensical argument that Harry and Meghan would be burdens to American taxpayers.

"To make the taxpayer pay for their security when the world is dying, it’s shocking grandiosity," she said.

Here, Samantha is just echoing some nonsense tweeted by Donald Trump last week.

Samantha Markle on TV

"It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!" the Donald tweeted.

There's no reason to believe the US would be in any way obligated to pay for Harry and Meghan's security detail.

In fact, a spokesperson for the couple stated this week that there are "no plans" for that cost to fall on the public.

But hey, it's cool that in the midst of a global pandemic, Samantha and the president both have nothing better to blather about than Meghan Markle's financial situation.

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