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Fans are so hyped for the Little People, Big World return date. But they don’t have to wait to follow the adventures of the Roloff family.

Matt Roloff is always happy to babysit his grandkids, and he’s been documenting every precious moment.

Jackson Roloff is Too Cute in a Cowboy Hat
Photo via Instagram

Proud grandfather Matt Roloff got to spend a whole day this week with his eldest grandchild, Jackson Roloff.

Jackson is growing up faster than fans can imagine. He’s really, truly no longer a baby — he’s a big brother.

"When [you’re] babysitting your little farmer .. and he goes all cowboy on ya!" Matt captioned this sweet photo.

Letting Jackson don such a striking outfit was only part of their adventures, which Matt chronicled on his Instagram Stories.

"First," Matt writes, "we scouted through the binoculars."

Binoculars can be fascinating enough for adults. They are captivating for children.

Jackson isn’t exactly new to standing, but every time that we see him, it’s a reminder of how big he’s getting.

And when you’re hanging out on Roloff Farms, there’s always something interesting to see.

"Then," Matt narrates as his Instagram Stories continue, "we checked on the well rig."

Matt is in the process of digging a new well on his property.

There is a lot of equipment and precision involved in accessing underground water sources safely.

We’re sure that it was all very fascinating to Jackson. He’s such a little trooper.

We cannot get over this pic of Jackson.

"After that, we researched [on] the internet," Matt writes.

He adds that they did this "before shopping [for] a few new toys."

What grandfather doesn’t want to spoil the bajeezus out of their grandchildren?

"Finally, we met Cha Cha out by the airplane!" Matt reveals.

Note that he is of course referring to his girlfriend (and alleged former mistress), Caryn Chandler.

"Oh," Matt concludes, "what a day it was!"

Jackson and Matt certainly kept busy!

Matt Roloff Holds Siding
Photo via Instagram

Matt isn’t playing favorites, though. In recent weeks, he has spent time with various grandbabies.

(Seriously, finding a photo of the guy without at least one grandchild around can take some doing)

Through Jeremy and Audrey, he has Ember and Bode.

Through Zach and Tori, he has Jackson and Lilah.

Photo via Instagram

Here is a photo of Matt holding Bode, who is still very much a newborn.

"This muffin man .. Bode James … has grandpa’s heart," Matt captions the pic on Instagram.

He notes that his newest grandchild has his heart "just like all my other muffins do!"

No one doubts that Matt has plenty of love to spread around.

"Look who came up to visit grandpa and sing me a song while I was working," Matt captions.

"The ever and always Amazing Ember Jean," he announces. "She sings like an Angel!"

"(And yes the equipment was turned off while she approached)," Matt shares. "Just in case you were wondering."

Matt is all too familiar that hordes of concern trolls will pounce if they think that he is recklessly endangering his grandchild. He would not do that.