Jorge Nava Looks Unrecognizable After Extreme Weight Loss!

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Last year, 90 Day Fiance alum Jorge Nava stunned fans with his massive weight loss. Since then, he has dropped even more weight.

Take a look at his newest photo. He looks almost unrecognizable.

Jorge Nava Shares Dramatic Prison Weight Loss

Jorge Nava is profoundly slender in this new photo.

STill wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, it is clear that his face, torso, and arms are considerably smaller than they were before his incarceration.

"Hey everyone," the caption of the photo reads on Instagram. "So glad to be on Instagram now to be able to connect with you guys!"

"Praying for everyone that’s being affected by the Coronavirus," he expresses.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava

"I know it’s a tough time for everyone right now," Jorge acknowledges.

"And," he affirms, "we’re all going through it."

This is a global pandemic. A few people don't seem to realize it, but the majority of people are going to get COVID-19 if they have not already.

"We just have to stay strong and positive and together," Jorge writes. "We will get through it."

Jorge Nava New Mug Shot

"Stay healthy, stay safe out there," he advises.

While he is in prison, he is at added risk for exposure but also entitled to medical care -- unlike tens of millions of uninsured Americans.

"Can’t wait to be with you guys again soon!" Jorge concludes his post.

He is expected to be released in August of this year. We do not know how the pandemic may impact this release date.

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava Dance

Jorge was caught transporting marijuana in Arizona, where the harmless medicinal plant is banned by some of the harshest laws in the nation.

He was sentenced to approximately two years behind bars, which was an absurd and disgusting miscarriage of justice.

Though technically his sentence extends to a few months later, his release is expected for August of this year.

That is only five months away ... assuming that the coronavirus pandemic does not change that date in one direction or the other.

Jorge Nava Weight Loss After 14 Months in Prison

He has already explained that the "secret" behind his weight loss is the answer that everyone dreads: diet and exercise.

It's not that he's starving as an inmate (we hope).

But rather, a lack of other things to do means that he has more time to work on himself, and that includes exercise.

He wakes up extremely early in the mornings to go jogging with a number of fellow innates. At least, he was before the current pandemic.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava Clear Things Up

Of course, Anfisa's life continued while Jorge went to lockup.

She continued with school and also engaged in bodybuilding.

Anfisa went on to win a bikini modeling portion of a bodybuilding contest -- very impressive, especially for her first time.

After months of competition and hard work and days of water fasting, she absoluely nailed it.

Anfisa Nava Wears the Crown

Anfisa has always been healthy and beautiful -- two things that are not always related.

In order to prepare for the competition, even she had to make serious changes to her habits.

She relied upon carefully portion controlled meals that she prepared herself.

Anfisa's results speak for themselves in each and every mind-boggling thirst trap.

Anfisa Nava Displays Bodybuilding Abs

Bodybuilding isn't really about sex appeal, but sometimes that can be a major side effect.

How she managed this powerful transformation while being a full time student is simply beyond us.

Clearly, Anfisa has some serious time management skills and a lot of self-control.

But that's not all that she has been doing while Jorge is away.

Anfisa Nava and Leo Assaf

Anfisa has a rumored new boyfriend, Leo Assaf.

He himself appeared to confirm their alleged romance earlier this year.

Anfisa has avoided commenting directly on where things stand with Jorge.

It's unknown if this is just a permitted fling while he's behind bars or if Anfisa is moving on with her imprisoned husband.

Anfisa Nava and Jorge Nava at the Pool

Regardless, Jorge and Anfisa overcame lies, accusations, and attempts to smear one another in order to make their marriage work in the first place.

They have both undergone body transformations during their state-mandated separation.

Jorge has lost a lot of weight.

Anfisa has built up muscle mass and shed some of her former softness, too.

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

There may be some sort of inherent symbolism in a husband and wife's bodies changing while they are forced to spend time apart.

Still, it's been over a year since they were able to spend time together freely. More than just a body can be transformed in that time.

Whether or not their feelings for one another have changed or evolved during that time remains to be seen.

In the mean time, it is exciting to see that Jorge is on Instagram, even if for now his posts are made by a manager.

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