Duffy: Beloved Singer Shockingly Reveals She Was Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted

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Duffy rose to international acclaim and then, almost overnight, put her musical career on hold and seemed to almost vanish from the industry.

In a heartbreaking social media post, she now explains that she has spent years recovering from a kidnapping and sexual assault.

Duffy in Black and White

Duffy is a 35-year-old Welsh singer who took home a Grammy in 2008 but all but vanished from the music world for the past decade.

On Tuesday, February 25, she took to Instagram to explain the painful and horrifying reason for her prolonged musical hiatus.

"You can only imagine the amount of times I thought about writing this," Duffy begins. "The way I would write it, how I would feel thereafter."

"Well, not entirely sure why now is the right time," she admits, "and what it is that feels exciting and liberating for me to talk."


"I cannot explain it," Duffy writes. "Many of you wonder what happened to me, where did I disappear to and why."

"A journalist contacted me," she shares, "he found a way to reach me and I told him everything this past summer."

"He was kind and it felt so amazing to finally speak," Duffy expresses.

"The truth is, and please trust me I am ok and safe now," she reveals, "I was raped and drugged and held captive over some days."

Duffy Performs a Tribute

"Of course I survived," Duffy acknowledges, before emphasizing: "The recovery took time."

"There’s no light way to say it," she says.

"But I can tell you in the last decade, the thousands and thousands of days I committed to wanting to feel the sunshine in my heart again," Duffy writes.

She states: "the sun does now shine."

Duffy Smiles

"You wonder why I did not choose to use my voice to express my pain?" Duffy's heartwrenching post continues.

She confesses: "I did not want to show the world the sadness in my eyes."

"I asked myself," Duffy recalls, "how can I sing from the heart if it is broken?"

"And slowly it unbroke," she adds.

Duffy IG caption describes trauma, hiatus

"In the following weeks," Duffy announces, "I will be posting a spoken interview."

"If you have any questions," she tells her fans and followers, "I would like to answer them, in the spoken interview, if I can."

"I have a sacred love and sincere appreciation for your kindness over the years," Duffy affirms.

'You have been friends," she tells her fans and supporters. "I want to thank you for that."

Duffy IG current

She also includes a postscript plea for followers to respect her, her loved ones, and the obvious sensitivity of what happened to her.

"Please respect this is a gentle move for me to make, for myself," Duffy expresses.

"And," she makes clear, "I do not want any intrusion to my family."

"Please support me to make this a positive experience," Duffy's post concludes.

We know that many people have suffered in silence after horrible experiences. Our thoughts are with Duffy as she shares her trauma.

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