Bear Brown: Pregnant Ex Raiven Adams Granted Restraining Order

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Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have offered pregnancy updates but little else in recent months. Now, that has changed.

Raiven is 30 weeks along, but has now been granted a domestic violence restraining order against Bear.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

On Monday, February 10, Raiven Adams filed for and was granted a domestic violence restraining order against Bear Brown.

We do not yet know the precise details of the order that she received, except that it was filed in Anchorage, Alaska.

This order is only temporary, however.

For its finite duration, the protective order should enjoin Bear from approaching her or her residence.

Raiven Adams is Very Pregnant

Additionally, The Ashley reports that Raiven has also filed for a long-term restraining order against Bear.

Unlike the short-term domestic violence order, she'll have to wait on the court's schedule to see if this will be granted.

She has a hearing schedules for February 27, on which she will presumably find out if the petition will be granted.

This is an extremely serious topic.

Bear Brown Kisses Raiven Adams

As a reminder, Raiven is a model who first met Bear when her mother photographed the wedding of Bear's brother, Noah, to Rhain Alisha.

She and Bear hit it off,at first as friends. Then, they entered a relationship together.

Bear and Raiven kept their secret for months before revealing their romance last year.

Despite a flurry of hateful trolls pouncing on everything about Raiven, the two announced their engagement in August of 2019.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

Two weeks later, Bear and Raiven took to social media to announce that they have broken off the engagement and broken up.

That was not the end of their story, however.

Literally the next day, Raiven discovered that she was pregnant.

She and Bear resolved to be dedicated co-parents.

Bear Brown Howls from the Heights

After a while, they decided to give their relationship another try.

This, however, only led to another breakup.

In the mean time, Raiven signed on to film some of Alaskan Bush People.

How much of that actually happened before this new, very alarming twist remains unclear.

Raiven Adams baby bump at 30 weeks

Raiven has deleted her Instagram, but did post a pregnancy update on Tuesday.

"Thank you for the prayers! bubba is still in here cooking," Raiven wrote.

"So God has blessed me," she said. "Hopefully this medicine plus all of the steroids/medicine I am getting keep him in here for a bit longer."

"And contractions are no joke," Raiven emphasized.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams baby announcement

"30 weeks today and my lungs are feeling it," Raiven shared. 

Notably, that means that she has another 10 weeks, give or take, to carry her baby to term.

"I am so excited to meet you," she wrote to her child, "but I need you healthy and ready baby boy."

"I promise I will fight and protect you until my last breath," Raiven vowed. "You are my biggest blessing and I’ll never be the same because of you sweet boy."

We hope that Raiven and her child-to-be remain healthy and safe.

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