Jusin Bieber Shocks Fans: I Have Lyme Disease!

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These days, Just Bieber is back in the spotlight in a big way.

The singer made headlines all over the world when he married Hailey Baldwin back in September of 2018, and he recently re-entered the music scene with a new single, "Yummy," and a verse on the remix of Billie Eilish's hit "Bad Guy."

Justin Bieber is Overcome With Anxiety

But for a while there, Justin kept a very low profile, leading to speculation that he was suffering from depression or addiction -- or that he had simply decided to step away from the public eye for good.

Now, it seems that Bieber is planning to reveal the truth about his time away from the public eye in a new documentary.

And TMZ has obtained inside information about the revelation that sure to leave millions of Beliebers stunned and deeply concerned.

According to the site, Justin has been battling Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber Got a Haircut

Insiders who have seen the documentary -- which is set for release on January 27 -- say Bieber began experiencing symptoms in early 2019 and suffered tremendously throughout the last year.

He reportedly went undiagnosed through much of the year, and his suffering was compounded by the anxiety of not knowing what caused his condition.

Details about the severity of his condition are still scarce, but for many Lyme disease is a thoroughly debilitating condition.

Common symptoms of the disease -- which is contracted from a tick bite -- include rashes, headaches, fever and fatigue.

Justin Bieber in Vogue

Sources close to the situation say the tabloid press was right in one respect:

Justin was suffering from depression, but it was primarily the result of his condition, his multiple misdiagnoses, and the backlash from media outlets that accused him of engaging in diva-like behavior.

Fortunately, Justin has reportedly been on the upswing ever since he was properly diagnosed.

Doctors now believe his condition to be fully manageable.

On Twitter, the beloved singer has received an outpouring of support.

Justin Bieber Shaved His Hair Off

"The fact that Justin Bieber was battling a disease, suffering from extreme depressions (and was mute the whole time) yet everyone was making fun of him, his look and acne is just disgusting," wrote one fan.

"People care about mental health only when it’s too late."

"The Internet is a cruel place. Everyone on twitter was tearing down Justin Bieber’s looks and made fun of him crying while he was dealing with Lyme disease," another tweeted.

"Be kind to everyone because you never know what they’re going through. Wishing him a full recovery!"

We wish Justin all the best in his continuing recovery.

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Justin Bieber is Overcome With Anxiety
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