Emma Stone and Dave McCary: Engaged!

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For years, a solid chunk of wild and never-proven cheating rumors have accused Emma Stone of being the "other woman" or at least the new girlfriend.

Now, those days are in the past. Emma Stone is engaged to Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary are Engaged

Some serious congratulations are in order!

Emma Stone and longtime boyfriend Dave McCary announced their engagement on Instagram at night on Wednesday, December 4.

Dave shared the engagement photo, featuring him, a glowing Emma, and the engagement ring front and center.

For his caption, Dave simply used the double-heart emoji, a favorite among couples.

Emma Stone at the Gala

Emma and Dave kept fairly private about their romance, and were revealed to be dating in October of 2017.

At that time, sources claimed that they had been a couple for as long as three months.

Emma's last longterm relationship had been with Andrew Garfield.

Those two had broken up in 2015 after nearly four years of dating.

Emma Stone Holds SAG Awards

The engagement occurred just over three years after the two met.

Emma Stone has appeared in three of the best five Saturday Night Live skits of the decade.

One of those skits was "Wells For Boys," a delightful commercial that remains treasured by audiences.

That commercial first aired late Saturday night on December 3, 2016. They met filming that commcerial that very week.

Wells For Boys

It is difficult to imagine a better context for meeting than creating one of the funniest skits in human history.

"Wells For Boys," a fake commercial for a Fisher-Price well in which creative, precicious boys can gaze longingly, is a cultural treasure.

It blends a mixture of absurdity with relatability -- at least, if you're a man in a creative field who struggled to relate to male peers as a child.

And Emma Stone's delivery was nothing short of art.

Emma Stone in Wells For Boys

Most Saturday Night Live writers who do not play roles on the show itself remain relatively unknown by anyone but comedy nerds.

Most skits are, after all, a team effort and a collaboration that includes the week's host and, of course, the performers.

But it looks like Emma and Dave really made solid impressions upon each other during the filming of this legendary skit.

Three years later, they are engaged.

Emma Stone on the Red Carpet, Oscars 2018

The pair have not made a formal announcement, though the photo that Dave shared is really not up to interpretation.

Because they have remained so private about their private lives so far, it is possible that this pic is the most that we'll get for now.

Emma may go into detail in an interview the next time that she works the press circuit for a new movie. Someone is sure to ask, right?

But we probably shouldn't anticipate knowing the wedding date in advance, unless someone leaks it. Like we said, they've been pretty private.

Emma Stone at 2017 Oscars

A solid and shared sense of humor can be a powerful foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Emma and Dave clearly have that, and we are so excited to see what the future holds in store for this couple.

We offer our sincere congratulations.

And now, we're going to go rewatch "Wells For Boys."

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