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Tori Roloff has been forced to defend herself against allegations that she recently placed her beloved dog in danger of drowning.

No, really, it’s true.

We’re talking about the same Tori Roloff who comes across online and on television as perhaps the most loving and caring reality star alive.

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Earlier this week, Tori and husband Zach took their son, Jackson, and their dog, Murphy, on a fun outdoor outing.

You can see one photo from the trip above and you can visit Tori’s Instagram Stories to see a few others, most notable of Murphy in the water.

It appears as if this was the first time the Roloffs had ever taken their canine on such an adventure, considering what Tori wrote about it online.

“Today we learned that Murph can swim,” she captioned one of these photos on her account.

Everything seems pretty harmless and fun so far, right?

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Tori then added an image of her pooch enjoying the water activity, and then another slide that said:

“Here’s a pic of Murphy clearly saving Zach and not the other way around.”

This implication — that Murphy might need to be saved in some way — must have set the trolls off because she later added another slide defending the situation.

“Before I get the hate and told how irresponsible I am with our dog … there were like three guys wading in the water (which was up to their waist) ready to grab him if his head ever went under (which it did not),” Tori added.

She even included this note:

“Murphy is a brute!”

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The Little People, Big World star later shared a snapshot of the family dog gazing off at a kayak in the water where she indicated her 29-year-old husband was hanging out.

“This is how he spent the rest of the afternoon,” Tori wrote. “I guess we know who his person is.”

Tori, of course, is pregnant with her second child.

She has enough to worry about these days — as noted HERE — without strangers online taking issue with something so, well… stupid.

We also with this was the first time Tori had to clap back at morons on social media.

Alas, it wasn’t even the first time she had to do so in regard to Murphy.

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In June, the reality TV star fired back at those who criticized her son’s relationship with his dog after she shared a clip of the two of them playing together.

Seriously, people gave Roloff grief over this sort of adorable footage.

“I have gotten a lot of feedback on how we let Jackson play with Murphy and I feel like I just need to clear something up,” she started a series of slides on her Instagram Story on June 19, continuing as follows:

“Please know that I am VERY aware of safety when it comes to animals. Murphy LOVES Jackson and often times engages him in play.

"He is also very protective of J and I know in my bone of bones he would do nothing to hurt J on purpose. (The occasional knockdown happens but that’s life with a 120-pound uncoordinated teenager.)"

"We know Murphy would never hurt Jackson. So that being said let them be best buds. Kthanksbye.”

You tell ’em, Tori!